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Berikut 9 Manfaat Kayu Bajakah untuk Kesehatan

9 Health Benefits of Bajakah Wood

Bajakah Wood (Spatholobus Littoralis Hassk) is a plant from Kalimantan which has been trusted by the people since ancient times as a herbal medicine to treat various health problems, such...

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Buah yang Dilarang untuk Ibu Hamil

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a transformative phase in a woman's life, characterized by a heightened sense of responsibility towards her own health and the health of her growing baby. Nutrition plays a...

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Makanan yang Dilarang untuk Ibu Hami

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of profound transformation and responsibility, and one of the most critical aspects is ensuring a safe and healthy diet. While it's essential for expectant mothers to...

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Makanan yang Baik untuk Ibu Hamil

Ideal Foods for Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy is a remarkable journey filled with anticipation and joy, but it also brings increased responsibilities, especially when it comes to diet and nutrition. A well-balanced and nutrient-rich diet is...

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Makanan yang Tidak Boleh Dimakan Saat Haid

Foods to Avoid During Menstruation

Menstruation is a natural process that occurs in the reproductive cycle of women, and it can bring about various physical and emotional changes. Some women experience cravings or changes in...

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