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Bolehkah Ibu Hamil Makan Durian & Makanan Pedas?

Can Pregnant Mothers Eat Durian & Spicy Food?

Pregnant women need to comply with various dietary restrictions to support healthy fetal growth. One of the taboos is to avoid durian and spicy food. However, is it safe for pregnant women to eat it? The following is the explanation.

Is it OK to Eat Durian While Pregnant?

No need to worry, pregnant women can still enjoy durian safely. Durian has health benefits for pregnant women thanks to its abundant nutritional content. The folic acid in this fruit helps prevent birth defects in babies who will be born. The fiber contained in durian is also very good for treating constipation problems that are often experienced by pregnant women.

Not only that, durian also has anti-bacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, so it remains safe to consume during pregnancy. The antioxidant content in durian helps protect pregnant women from the negative effects of free radicals and pollutants. However, it is important to regulate the amount of durian consumed, because durian is quite high in calories and sugar.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should consume durian in moderate amounts. Excessive consumption can cause an increase in baby weight which is risky for the mother and the birth process. Normally, weight gain during pregnancy is around 12-16 kilograms.

So that the pregnancy runs smoothly and the baby's development is not disturbed, it is recommended not to consume more than 2 pieces of durian at one time and avoid consuming durian too often.

So, is it safe for pregnant women to consume spicy food?

In general, it is not a problem for pregnant women to enjoy spicy food. These spiced foods are actually safe to consume during pregnancy, and there is no special reason to avoid them.

So far, there have been many myths circulating about the impact of spicy food on pregnant women. Some people claim that spicy food can harm pregnancy and trigger premature labor.

However, we should understand that the discomfort that may arise from eating spicy food is different from labor contractions. Spicy foods can cause digestive disorders, while labor contractions are related to the natural process of birth.

What needs to be noted is that until now there is no scientific evidence that indicates spicy food has the potential to harm pregnancy or the fetus. Nevertheless, it is important for pregnant women to watch their spicy food intake, especially if they are not used to spicy food or have digestive problems.

Simply put, although spicy food itself does not harm pregnancy, be wise in consuming it. Some tips that can be followed when pregnant women want to enjoy spicy food are:

  • Don't consume too much
  • Pay attention to the level of spiciness
  • If spicy food upsets your stomach, you should not eat similar foods for a few days.

Pregnant women can still enjoy durian and spicy foods, as long as they are consumed in balanced portions. It is always important to understand your own body and consult a doctor if there are any problems during pregnancy.


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