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Hi Nonas!  Download our period tracker app for IOS & Android to understand more about your menstrual cycle.

Get to know your menstrual health by tracking your cycle with our period tracker app.

Track your cycle, meet new friends, and learn how to sync your cycle naturally with our period tracker mobile app!

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Period tracker apps by Nona Woman


"With around 200 attendees, Nona definitely got her name out…Perhaps, even within the LBS community, if there was not a lot of menstruation awareness, there is certainly now much more support for cracking the taboo about periods."

"huge congratulations to the winners of LBS Booster 2021 who were handpicked by our judges and the audience: Cargoful, Mint Mobility, and Miss! "

"Technological advances have also been accompanied by the presence of applications that touch various aspects of women's lives, one of which is menstruation. Women's health platform, Nona, released a menstrual cycle calendar application…"

"...Nona's concern for women's health is increasingly evident through the #PeriodRevolution campaign."

"Their personal experience with menstrual problems is one of the motivations to build Miss"

"created to support their vision and mission in increasing public awareness of the importance of education and information about women's health."

"Contents created on Nona's social media platforms are not only controversial and provocative, but also fun and informative about important matters, such as hormones, menstrual pain, PCOS, and endometriosis."

"Miss believes that every woman has the obligation and right to receive accurate and reliable information about women's health for the sake of gender equality in the future and a decent quality of life."

"Miss wants her users to be able to get back in tune with the hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle and listen to what their bodies need."

"Nona is dedicated to creating a movement that is poured through the menstrual cycle calendar application – Nona Woman, so that women in Indonesia get proper education about hormones, the menstrual cycle, and women's empowerment so that every woman can better recognize herself and her own body."

Keep track of your symptoms, cravings, and sleep patterns

Female hormones operate on a 28 day cycle, but society has adapted to a 24 hour male hormone cycle. It drains you mentally, physically and emotionally. Learn to make the cycle work for you, not against you.

Nona Woman period Tracker App

Sync your routine with your body's needs & see your cycle overview

Make smart decisions based on your cycle. Schedule your social gatherings, breaks, diets and work meetings based on your needs. Easily access your menstrual cycle summary at your next doctor's appointment.

Synch your routines with period tracker app

Share your period journey with our health experts & community

Gain in-depth knowledge and techniques to manage your cycle. Identify underlying causes of period pain, hormonal imbalance, and stress. Connect with friends through shared experiences and celebrate your individuality!

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