Story Behind Nona Woman
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Hi Nonas!  Download our period tracker app for IOS & Android to understand more about your menstrual cycle.
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Hi Nonas! Download our period tracker app for IOS & Android to understand more about your menstrual cycle.

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Our Mission

Origins of Nona

Why "Nona"?

In its Latin origin, it means Nine. Nona represents the Roman goddess of pregnancy and fertility. In ancient folklore, Nona was called on by pregnant women in their ninth month of pregnancy before childbirth.

Nona was founded by two women and best friends (and also certified holistic health and nutrition coaches!) who are passionate about uplifting women in society. We believe that being in tune with our bodies can make us women more empowered and confident in our daily lives.

Our goal is to make better period products and education about Women's reproductive health easily accessible for all women in Indonesia. We wanted to make sure that the products we use for our intimate areas are always comfortable, non-toxic, and impactful to our community.

Fighting Period Poverty

In Indonesia, period products and education are not readily available or easily accessible to everyone. Many girls here don't have the privilege to learn about menstrual health because of the social stigma surrounding it. Nona was made to break the taboo and normalize period talk.

At Nona, we advocate for nationwide menstrual equality through education and better access to feminine hygiene products. With each purchase, we distribute a portion of our profits to help underprivileged Nonas of Indonesia with menstrual hygiene kits, educational workshops, and support systems through our community partners.

Period care should not be a luxury. It's a basic human right.


Listen to Nona Chats, a podcast on women's health.

Celebrate Your Cycle

Menstruation Matters

Your menstrual cycle is the window to your overall health. The quality of your period (duration, volume, texture, color) can tell you so much about your overall health. What does a healthy period look like? Head over to our blog to learn more and track your period cycle with our period tracker apps

Paying attention to your cycle can improve all aspects of your life, from your sleep, energy, appetite, mood, and sex life! Pick only the best products to take care of your menstrual and hormonal health.

We designed our signature organic pads to make your period experience as enjoyable as possible. All of our products were made under the guidance of our team of hormonal health coaches, to ensure that they support a healthier flow.

Listen to your body and remember that period-care is self care.

100% Organic

Consciously made from US organic cotton, without dyes, chlorine, artificial fragrances, parabens, and PEGs.

Cruelty Free

Our products are always vegan, plant-based and never tested on animals. Only the gentlest natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals.

Female Owned

We are a homegrown, female founded brand on a mission to empower all women in Indonesia. Founded by Nonas for Nonas.

BPOM & Kemenkes

All products are BPOM Certified and Kemenkes Registered. We are committed to upholding the highest quality standards for better period care.

Having dealt with my own (long & frustrating) hormone balancing journey, I wish that i had known earlier that I wasn't alone. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2013 and, after the multiple trial and error rounds of pills, I realized that the only way to control the condition was holistically. No hormones. No medications. No b**s*. This experience taught me to put my physical and mental health first.

My own experience has made me want to raise awareness about women’s health in Indonesia, where period talk is still a social taboo.

We are excited to break the stigma and start a conversation. I hope you can be a part of our journey.

Nicole Jizhar CEO (Co-Founder)

It’s no secret that I am a bit of a health freak. But I have always ignored one particular area - my reproductive health.

I was on birth control for the last 5 years, which was prescribed as part of my acne treatment. I stuck with the pill because I found it convenient. My periods were magically regular, painful cramps disappeared and my skin was clear. I stopped the pill. Why? I gained awareness. It was only masking the issues I faced before.

As I maneuver this frantic world of hormones, naturally, I would love to share my learnings and hope that you can help me too.
This is only the beginning. We have much bigger things planned.

Monica Pranatajaya CFO (Co-Founder)

My interest in wellness started due to an unexpected illness in 2019. This propelled me into researching about my illness and health in general. Unfortunately, after I became ill, I lost my period for a couple of months. I panicked and consulted with my doctor immediately. It turns out my body was in shock and I needed to cultivate practices like meditation to calm my body down (and regulate my hormones).

My period did eventually come back on its own and I was fascinated by how women’s hormones functioned. I wish I had known about this when I was still in school, so I am excited to be sharing this knowledge with all the Indonesian nonas!

Nicola Budiman COO

Let's talk about the #PeriodRevolution with Nona Chats

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