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Bolehkah Berkeramas Ketika Menstruasi?

Can You Wash Your Hair During Menstruation?

The dangers of washing your hair during menstruation is a myth. However, there are still some people who believe that washing your hair during menstruation can cause various diseases. In fact, this one myth is clearly not true. Washing your hair during menstruation actually provides a number of good benefits for the health of the body. Let's look at the full explanation below.

Myth of Dangers of Washing Your Hair During Menstruation

Even though washing your hair is very good for your health and maintaining your appearance, it turns out that not a few women also believe that washing your hair during menstruation can be harmful to your health. Some of them believe that during menstruation, the pores on the scalp will be wide open, so washing at this time can cause headaches.

Then some others think that washing your hair during menstruation can increase the volume of menstrual blood that comes out or actually inhibits the flow of blood that comes out. You need to know that this assumption is actually a myth that you don't need to believe. Until now there has been no research or research that can prove the dangers of washing your hair during menstruation.

 In fact, washing your hair during menstruation should be done more often than usual. This is because during menstruation, the production of sebum or oil on the scalp will increase. So, don't be surprised if your hair is more oily during menstruation than when you don't menstruate.

Just imagine if during your period you don't wash your hair, while menstruation generally lasts 2–7 days. Oil found on your scalp can accumulate and cause infection. As a result, you can experience scalp itching, dandruff, and an unpleasant odor in your hair.

Apart from being forbidden to wash your hair, there is also a myth that assumes that during menstruation women are also prohibited from bathing. This prohibition has absolutely no good reason and doesn't need to be followed, yes. In fact, bathing during menstruation, especially if you use warm water, can actually help relieve stomach cramps and improve your blood flow.

Benefits of Washing Your Hair During Menstruation

The notion that women who are menstruating cannot wash their hair is not true. Precisely washing your hair during menstruation can provide a number of good benefits for your health. Here are some of these benefits.

  • Improves mood 
  • Relaxes muscles and relieves cramps
  • Makes the body feel cleaner and more comfortable
  • Increase self-confidence

So, it is clear that the prohibition against washing hair during menstruation is a myth. Apart from the myth that it is forbidden to wash your hair, there are also those who say that during menstruation it is also forbidden to bathe in warm water. Using warm water or cold water during menstruation, it is permissible during menstruation. It won't have a negative impact on your body's health or your menstrual cycle.

Tips for Maintaining Cleanliness During Menstruation

Maintaining cleanliness must be increased when you menstruate. For that, there are some tips that you can follow, including:

  • Use and change pads every 3-5 hours
  • If you use disposable pads, wrap the used pads in a plastic or paper bag, then throw them in the trash
  • If you use a menstrual cup, wash clean before using again with soap and dry in the sun until dry
  • Showering 2 times a day
  • Wash your hair if your hair feels oily
  • Clean the female area after urinating, defecating, or when changing pads
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after every time you leave the bathroom

By knowing the information above, now you don't need to hesitate to take a shower or wash your hair during your period. Even if you are not menstruating, maintaining personal hygiene must still be maintained, so that you are protected from various types of diseases.

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