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Ideal Sleeping Conditions

Sleep is a basic need for humans. Not only as a reliever of sleepiness, sleep serves to keep our bodies healthy and awake. After a tiring day filled with activities,...

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Types of Menstrual Pads

Women occasionally experience discomfort when starting menstruation as it can cause a bad mood and disrupt physical health issues. Some of them experience pain, headaches, and cramps. Additionally, some of...

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Forest Bathing: Stress Therapy

Forest bathing is an activity that pampers all five senses by bathing in natural nuances, such as forests, mountains, and others. To do this activity, you only need to be...

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Tampons' Impact on The Hymen

Tampons' Impact on The Hymen - Nona Woman Some women are still hesitant to use tampons because they believe the tampon's impact on the hymen will cause the hymen to...

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Brain Fog and Its Causes

Brain fog is a condition where a person finds it difficult to focus and concentrate when doing something. Brain fog itself is not a disease, but a symptom or certain...

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