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Pertanyaan Umum Tentang Metode Melahirkan Tiup-Tiup

Frequently Asked Questions about the Blowing Method of Childbirth

The blowing method of birthing is becoming a hot topic of conversation on social media. Popularized by Midwife Novelita Damanik, this method is claimed to be able to help mothers give birth normally without pain and trauma. However, many questions arise regarding this method. 

Below are some common questions and answers. Keep reading, okay?

Frequently Asked Questions About the Blowing Method of Childbirth

1. What is the Blowing Method?

The blowing method is a breathing and breathing technique used during labor contractions. Pregnant women will be taught balloon or bottle blowing techniques to divert focus from the pain and help control the urge to push.

2. How Much Does it Cost to Give Birth with a Novel Midwife?

Midwives Novel offers various choices of birth packages at different costs. Package Regular with standard facilities priced at IDR 2.5 million. For those who want more privacy, the Private package comes with comfortable sofas and beds you can choose at a cost of IDR 3.5 million. For the VIP experience, packages are available with a price range of IDR 4.5 million to IDR 5.5 million.

Midwife Novel understands that the cost of giving birth is an important thing to consider. He is open to discussing rates before the delivery process to ensure comfort and convenience for the expectant mother and family.

3. Can you Give Birth Normally Without Pushing?

In theory, giving birth naturally without pushing is possible. The blowing method, Lamaze, and hypnobirthing are some examples of methods that can help pregnant women give birth without full pushing. However, it is important to remember that every pregnancy and birth is different. Consult your doctor or midwife to find out the most appropriate method for you.

4. What are the Most Common Delivery Methods?

Here are some common birthing methods:

  • Normal Delivery: Giving birth vaginally without the help of tools.
  • Delivery by Episiotomy: An incision is made in the perineum (the area between the vagina and anus) to widen the birth canal.
  • Delivery with Forceps: This is done with forceps to help remove the baby.
  • Vacuum Delivery: This is done with a vacuum to help pull the baby out.
  • Caesarean Delivery (C-section): Giving birth through abdominal surgery.

5. How Much Time Do People Need to Give Birth Normally?

The normal length of labor varies from woman to woman. On average, primary normal labor (first labor) lasts 12-18 hours, while secondary normal labor (second or subsequent labor) lasts 6-8 hours. However, keep in mind that this is only an estimate. There are many factors that can influence the length of labor, such as the mother's age, pregnancy history, and baby's position.

6. What are the Signs of Giving Birth?

Before the birth of the baby, pregnant women will feel various signs that indicate the labor process will begin soon. Common signs that often appear are:

  • Water Rupture: Discharge of large amounts of amniotic fluid from the vagina.
  • Uterine Contractions: Contractions feel like waves that get stronger and more frequent with shorter time intervals.
  • Lower Back Pain: Pain is felt in the lower back and radiates to the lower abdomen.
  • Vaginal Bleeding: Slight discharge of blood or mucus mixed with blood from the vagina.
  • Urge to Push: Mother feels like pushing the baby out.

If you feel the signs above, immediately prepare to go to the hospital or birth clinic.

7. How Much Does a Normal Birth Cost Using BPJS?

For pregnant women who are registered as BPJS Health participants, the good news is that the costs of normal delivery are fully borne by the government. Make sure you have registered at least 3 months before your expected date of birth (HPL) and meet other requirements.

8. Does BPJS Cover the Costs of Normal Birth?

Yes, this health insurance program covers the costs of normal delivery at various health facilities that collaborate with BPJS. So that the process runs smoothly, make sure you choose a health facility that is registered as a BPJS Health participant and follow the applicable procedures.

However, before deciding on the method of delivery, it is important to consult a doctor or midwife. They will provide appropriate information and guidance regarding delivery methods that are appropriate to the health conditions of the mother and baby.


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