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Blowing Method of Childbirth: Definition, Procedure, Costs

Childbirth is often described as a moment full of pain and trauma for mothers. However, did you know that there are birth methods that can help relieve pain and minimize trauma? One method is the Blowing Method

This method, popularized by Midwife Novelita Damanik, is a breathing and relaxation technique that can help pregnant women go through the birthing process more comfortably. This method is different from general birthing methods which focus on pushing. Curious? Come on, check out the following article!

What is the Blowing Method?

The blowing method is a birthing method popularized by a midwife named Novel. This method is considered to make it easier for you during childbirth because it is considered painless, so it doesn't leave postnatal trauma.

Apart from that, you also don't need to push until it tears. Inflatable birth here uses a breathing method by blowing slowly during birth. Although many people don't believe in it. delivery method these blows, many people came and entrusted him to carry out the birthing process.

The Blowing Method Delivery Procedure

The birth process using the blowing method is basically not much different from other methods. The difference lies in the breathing technique during contractions. The midwife will guide the pregnant woman to use proper breathing techniques during the birthing process.

When the opening is complete, the mother will feel a natural urge in the form of tension in the stomach, accompanied by pain and the urge to push. This happens because the baby's head presses on the rectum. At that time, the midwife will help the mother to direct her energy to push the baby out with the right breathing technique, without having to push hard.

After the contraction subsides, the mother can rest for a moment to gather energy until the next contraction comes. This inflatable method helps mothers give birth more calmly, with minimal pain, and reduces the risk of perineal tears.

Cost of the Blowing Method of Delivery

Midwife Novel offers two birth packages, namely regular and VIP. Regular delivery costs around IDR 2.5 million, while VIP costs between IDR 3 million to IDR 5.5 million. This rate includes all delivery needs and can be discussed before the process. Interestingly, Novel Midwives are known for their affordable rates and are even willing to help less well-off patients to adjust delivery costs.

That's a glimpse of information about the Novel midwife's blow-up birthing method which is currently viral and is being widely discussed by mothers in Indonesia.


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