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5 Differences Between Pregnancy & Menstrual Spots

You definitely have experienced blood spots outside the menstrual cycle? This phenomenon is known as spotting, and is often associated with the first signs of menstruation. But did you know, spots can also be a sign of early pregnancy, you know! Usually, pregnancy spots appear around 10-14 days after fertilization of the egg and sperm. Confused about differentiating between menstrual spots and pregnancy spots? Don't worry, this article will help you understand it! Come on, read about the explanation further.

Understanding Differences Between Spots during Pregnancy and Menstruation

The spots that appear at the start of pregnancy and during menstruation do at first glance look the same. But don't worry, there are several characteristics that can help you differentiate them.

1. Observe Occurence Time

First, pay attention to the time of appearance. The menstrual cycle generally lasts 28-35 days, so menstrual spots tend to appear regularly at the same time every month, except for women with irregular cycles. Whereas, spotting signs of pregnancy usually appears outside the menstrual cycle, around 10-14 days after fertilization or in the first trimester up to 3 months of pregnancy. So, pregnancy spots can occur at any time, different from menstrual spots which follow the menstrual cycle.

2. Time Lag

Pregnancy spots usually appear for a while, then disappear, and appear again. Meanwhile, menstrual spots will be followed by increasingly heavy blood flow and last consistently for 7 days or more.

3. Color, Texture, and Amount of Blood

Pregnancy spots are generally brown or dark brown, the texture is more liquid without lumps. Meanwhile, menstrual spots are initially light brown or bright red, then turn dark red and have a thicker texture with blood clots. The amount of blood in pregnancy spots is usually less and only lasts a few hours or at most three days. On the other hand, menstrual spots will occur for 5-7 days or more, with the amount of blood increasing over time.

4. Duration of Blood Discharge

The next way to differentiate between pregnancy spots and menstruation is by paying attention to the duration or duration of the blood discharge. Pregnancy spots generally only last a short time, a few hours to a maximum of three days. Meanwhile, menstrual spots usually last longer, around 5-7 days or even longer. As time goes by, the amount of blood that comes out during menstruation also tends to increase.

This change in duration is caused by differences in the hormones underlying the two conditions. During pregnancy, progesterone hormone levels increase to help maintain pregnancy. This may cause some light bleeding or spotting. On the other hand, menstruation occurs due to thinning of the uterine lining due to the absence of fertilization. This process is usually accompanied by heavier bleeding and lasts longer.

5. Other Accompanying Symptoms

Apart from mild stomach cramps, pregnancy spots can also be accompanied by other early signs of pregnancy such as changes in the breasts, increased frequency of urination, and morning sickness. Meanwhile, menstrual spots are usually accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, mood changes and fatigue.

Remember that every woman has a different experience. There are women who experience quite a lot of pregnancy spots, while there are also those who only experience a few spots. Therefore, it is important not to panic and immediately consult a doctor if you experience spotting and are not sure whether you are pregnant or not.


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