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8 Pertanyaan Umum Tentang Menstruasi

8 Common Questions About Menstruation

How much do you know about menstruation? 

As a woman, it is very important to understand the menstrual cycle, menstrual signs, and other things about menstruation. That way you can immediately see a doctor if you feel anything abnormal during menstruation.

Besides that, knowledge about the normal menstrual cycle is important to understand in order to support pregnancy plans. So, in order to get to know more about our bodies, here are some answers to questions that are commonly discussed about menstruation, which often linger in women's minds.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Menstruation

  1. How much blood comes out during menstruation?
    The duration of menstruation is generally around 3-7 days with a blood volume of around 4-12 tablespoons per day. In addition, if your menstruation lasts more than 7 days or if you feel that your menstruation is not normal, it's a good idea to consult an obgyn.

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  2. Why does menstrual blood clot?
    Blood clots during menstruation are normal and often come out on the first day of menstruation.

    Naturally, our body will make anti-clots to prevent menstrual blood from clotting. However, if you have a large & abnormal blood clot, it is recommended that you see a doctor.

  3. Is Pain during menstruation normal?
    Some women are fortunate enough not to experience pain during their periods. However, not a few women experience pain or pain when menstruation comes.

    Pain during menstruation is normal. However, if the pain starts to disturb your daily life, immediately consult a doctor and get checked for endometriosis, inflammatory pelvic disease, and ovarian cysts.

  4. Is menstrual blood not always red?
    Menstrual blood is not always red and will turn brown when approaching the last few days of menstruation. This is due to oxidized blood, and it is nothing to worry about.

  5. What if the menstrual cycle is late?
    If you are sexually active, late monthly menstrual cycles could be due to pregnancy. However, if you are not active in sex, it could be that the delay in menstruation is due to hormonal imbalance, depression, and too much diet.

  6. Why is the menstrual cycle irregular?
    Irregular menstrual cycles are common in the first 5 years of menstruation and in women who are perimenopausal, and usually the specific trigger is hormonal imbalance.

    For teenagers, the longer menstrual cycles will be naturally regular. Triggers of irregular menstruation are depression, acute illness, malnutrition, or excessive exercise.

  7. Is it normal to have blood spots during menstruation?
    For some people, blood spots during the menstrual cycle are normal. However, if you still see blood spots for three months in a row, consult a doctor immediately.

  8. Why do you feel like having a bowel movement during menstruation?
    Menstruation affects the movement of your bowels. Some researchers found that one third of women feel abnormal movements during menstruation.

    And many feel unable to suppress the urge to defecate at the start of the menstrual cycle. The underlying trigger is not known, but is predicted to be due to fluctuations in progesterone.

Here are some common questions about menstruation that are often the subject of discussion. If you experience abnormalities in your menstrual cycle, get checked out immediately and consult a doctor.

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