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Amankah Menggunakan Obat Pelancar Menstruasi?

Is It Safe to Use Menstruation Drugs?

Lately, people are increasingly looking for menstrual facilitating drugs because of the varied changes in the menstrual cycle. This can happen because of increased lifestyle, the impact of depression, food, drug consumption and the nature of each woman's body. 

If you are worried about your menstrual cycle, it would be best for you to consult a doctor, in order to diagnose earlier what is the cause of the abnormal menstrual cycle.

Apart from that, some women prefer simple methods, such as taking menstrual medication. And there are also those who choose natural steps and change their lifestyle. 

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Types of Menstrual Facilitating Drugs

The use of menstrual-stimulating drugs should not be careless, because they can have an impact on the risk of dependence on these drugs. Menstrual medication can help the body produce hormones that control the release of eggs and balance levels. Before starting to use menstruation facilitating drugs, you must first study the contents of the drug. Here are some types of menstruation-stimulating drugs that you need to know:

  • Bromocriptine 
    Bromocriptine is a drug to treat problems due to excess prolactin. The symptoms include menstruation that is not smooth, discharge from the nipples, decreased interest in sex, to difficulty getting pregnant. Therefore, this drug can also be used to facilitate menstruation. 

    Giving bromocriptine can help regulate and make the menstrual cycle smooth. If you want to be more efficient, you can take this drug at the same time every day and follow the doctor's instructions when to stop using it. In general, side effects that occur can include headaches and digestive disorders.

  • Metformin
    Metformin is a drug that is actually intended to stimulate insulin sensitivity and control diabetes. However, this drug is actually also useful for balancing the hormones estrogen and androgen in women with PCOS. PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a trigger factor that makes menstruation irregular. To treat PCOS, doctors need drugs that can restore hormonal balance in the body. When these two hormones are in balance, the body can start ovulating regularly until menstruation also becomes smooth.

  • Progestin
    Progestin is an artificial hormone that is set in a setting similar to the role of the hormone progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone made in the ovaries, placenta and adrenal glands. If menstruation is not smooth, progestin drugs can facilitate menstruation to equalize the estrogen content in the body.

  • Birth control pills
    Besides functioning to prevent pregnancy, birth control pills can also be used as medicine to facilitate menstruation. As quoted from Health Direct, menstruation will return smoothly after 6 months of taking birth control pills regularly and correctly. Thus, you can more accurately calculate the next menstrual schedule. Birth control pills not only make menstruation smooth, but can also reduce PMS (premenstrual syndrome) pain which includes stomach cramps, acne, and excessive growth of soft hair on the face.

Apart from using drugs, as much as possible by controlling your lifestyle so that it is better. For example balancing with exercise, improving diet, and minimizing activities that can cause stress.

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