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Penjelasan Tentang Sel Telur dan Cara Menjaganya

Explanation of Egg Cells and How to Take Care of It

As an adult woman, it is necessary to know and learn about the various roles of reproductive organs. One of them is the egg cell which has an important role in supporting the level of fertility. Just like sperm, egg cells have an equally important role in the process of forming a fetus.

You need to know that the size of the egg cell itself is generally around 100 microns or almost the same size as one adult hair. That size has a larger shape when compared to the size of the sperm, you know! Come on, see an explanation about egg cells and how to take care of them below!

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What Is an Egg Cell?

Healthy egg cells can speed up the process of pregnancy. In fact, the egg cell affects the amount of fertility in women. The process of formation and maturation of egg cells occurs in the ovaries or ovaries. When an egg is considered mature and ready to be fertilized, it is sent through the fallopian tube into the uterus.

When the fertilization process is complete, the fertilized egg will move into the uterus. The egg will then attach to the uterine wall and start the embryo transformation process. Meanwhile, if the egg is not fertilized by sperm, the egg will be destroyed and eliminated, along with uterine tissue, which should help the process of changing the fetus during the fertile period.

Therefore, the quality of egg cells needs to be maintained. If not, egg cells can experience problems so that it will be difficult for you and your partner to get a baby. The female reproductive cell is the egg or ovum. These cells, along with sperm, play an important part in the fertilization and development of the embryo. During a woman's reproductive years, or while she is ovulating, an egg is released from the ovary.

Therefore, women whose egg cells are healthy have the following characteristics:

  • Smooth menstrual cycle
  • Do not experience severe pain during menstruation
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Can manage stress well
  • Ideal weight, not too thin or overweight

There are several things that can cause women to be more at risk of experiencing fertility problems or having difficulty getting pregnant, for example older age.

How to Maintain the Quality of Egg Cells

The two things that most influence the reduction of egg cells are too much depression and malnutrition. Here are some steps that are appropriate to help improve egg quality.

  • Managing Stress Well
  • Stress can be caused by various conditions, such as working late into the night, emotional stress, lack of sleep and being physically and psychologically pressured. Of course stress is not a good thing for your body. When stress starts to arrive, it can have a negative impact on health, especially for those of you who are planning a pregnancy program.

    When you are stressed, your body produces the hormones cortisol and prolactin which can block and stop ovulation. To avoid endless levels of stress and so that the chances of getting pregnant can be realized, you should do positive activities that make you happy, for example meditation, listen to your favorite music, or you can also spend time with your partner. And last but not least, you must always make sure to always get enough rest so that you are free from stress.

  • Meet the Needs of Fluids in the Body
  • One way to maintain the health of the next egg is to meet the needs of fluids in the body. The flow of blood that contains lots of oxygen that is carried to the ovaries is very important for the health of the egg. So, to increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood, make sure you drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

  • Nutrient Rich Diet
  • The next step in maintaining healthy egg cells is to have a diet rich in nutrients. Among mothers, nutrient-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables, fish and whole grains can help support fertility.

    Besides that, you need to avoid processed foods, saturated fats and too much sugar and salt and reduce alcohol consumption. Saturated fat consumption is associated with a risk of ovulation problems, because it has a negative impact on insulin sensitivity. Saturated fat is usually found in margarine, fried foods, processed products and baked goods.

    That's the reason why you have to be selective in consuming food, because being overweight can increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, such as diabetes or hypertension. Therefore, it is very important to maintain an ideal body weight in order to increase the chances of pregnancy.

    That is why the presence of egg cells is an important part of the reproductive process. Abnormalities that occur in the egg can cause a variety of conditions that hinder the pregnancy process.

    If you experience signs that indicate a problem with the eggs or if you and your partner have difficulty having children after a long period of unprotected sex, immediately consult a doctor for further examination.


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