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Menjelaskan Menstruasi Kepada Laki-Laki

Explaining Menstruation to Men

Menstruation only happens to women. However, education about menstrual periods also needs to be given to men since they grow up with women around them, such as mothers, sisters, or female friends. 

This should be done because until now, there are still many men who do not understand and have bad thoughts about women when they are menstruating. That way, men can empathize and care about the condition of the women around them during menstruation. 

The earlier men are educated about the menstrual period, the better. With sufficient understanding, men will respect and understand the condition of women who are menstruating. 

It is preferable to start a conversation about menstruation when the boy has reached puberty. That way, they can understand the explanation more easily. 

If you are still confused about how to explain to men about menstruation, you can take the following steps. 

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How to Explain Menstruation to Men 

Almost all over the world and even in Indonesia, menstruation is still considered a dirty thing experienced by women. Until now, the stigma of men towards menstruation has not changed much. This then triggers discriminatory acts from men to women. 

Sexual education is still considered taboo by some. Whereas sex education at an early age is very important because it can foster a sense of concern for one another, between men and women. In this case, men are expected to be able to better understand the condition of women, especially the women around them when they are menstruating. 

There are several ways to explain menstruation to men. 

1. Explain Menstruation Positively 
    As already explained, because men do not menstruate, it creates prejudices surrounding something they do not understand. Thus, in order to avoid this thought, you need to give a positive explanation about menstruation.

    In this case, avoid describing menstruation as something dirty. Instead, describe your period as normal and healthy. That way, bad prejudices about menstruation will gradually decrease. 

    2. Explain the Duration of Menstruation 
      The second way is to explain the duration of the menstrual period. As we know that generally women experience a menstrual cycle every 21 to 35 days. 

      During menstruation, we usually need or want things a little different than usual. This condition may be less comfortable for men. Thus, you need to provide an explanation of the duration of the menstrual cycle. That way men will better understand your situation and needs. 

      3. Having Sex During Menstruation 
        Having sex during menstruation is still a matter of controversy. Although basically there is no problem to have sex during menstruation. 
        You can also explain the benefits and risks of having sex during menstruation. That way, there will be no more misunderstanding and prejudice. 

        4. Explain Symptoms During Menstruation 

        During menstruation, there are several symptoms that will appear in your body, such as an unstable mood, stomach cramps, sensitivity to touch or smell of something. 

        By providing a more detailed explanation, it is hoped that the men will be able to understand and care about the conditions that women are currently facing. 

        During menstruation, it also puts women in an uncomfortable situation. There are many hormonal changes that occur during this menstrual period, such as acne on the face, unstable mood changes, increased appetite, and others. 
        For this reason, in this case women need support from the men around them. The method above is expected to make men more concerned and attentive to the condition of women during menstruation.

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