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Knowing your Fertility Based on Body Temperature

For many married couples, having children is a dream. No wonder many of them are trying to get pregnant. 

For women who are planning a pregnancy, it is necessary to know several things that can determine the fertile period. The ovulation phase, also known as the fertile period, is the time when a mature egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube. At that time, the egg is ready to be fertilized by a sperm cell. 

By knowing this ovulation phase, you can estimate your fertile period so that you can prepare for pregnancy properly. 

In addition to estimating the ovulation phase, there are other methods to find out when the fertile period takes place, one of which is by measuring the basal body temperature (BBT). 

So what is basal body temperature? 

Understanding Basal Body Temperature 

Basal body temperature (BBT) is the lowest temperature in your body when you are truly resting or sleeping. Usually this basal temperature is measured when you first wake up until before your activity. 

The normal temperature for women ranges from 35.5 to 36 degrees Celsius. However, when ovulation takes place, body temperature will drop and then rise again. It is during this fertile period that the body is at its lowest temperature. 

To measure your basal body temperature, you can use a thermometer. You can buy a thermometer at a pharmacy or other health store. The thermometer can be used orally and the instrument is placed in the same measurement location for 5 minutes. 

This measurement aims to tell you when the ovulation phase is in progress. It is better if the results of the basal temperature measurement are recorded in a chart to spot trends. When the ovulation phase occurs, there will be a biphasic curve, where in this biphasic curve you can get an overview of measuring temperatures that are lower or higher than normal temperatures. You can record your BBT and view your trends in graphs in the free Nona mobile application available on the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play store. 

How to Measure Basal Body Temperature

BBT measurement is one method of contraception that aims to determine the fertile period. This method has a success rate of 80%; however, to get maximum results, you need consistency in taking temperature measurements. 

For those of you who still find it difficult to take measurements, consider the following steps to measure your BBT: 

  1. First Thing in the Morning 
    The first step is to take temperature measurements in the morning. You can do it when you first wake up. When taking measurements, try not to do any activities, such as sitting, walking, or going to the bathroom. This can actually make the body temperature rise, so the measurement will not be optimal. Take this measurement consistently every day at the same time. 
  1. Put Thermometer In Mouth 
    After waking up, immediately put the thermometer in your mouth. You can place the thermometer next to your bed to remind you. For maximum measurement results, use the same thermometer throughout the cycle. Also, make sure you sleep for 3-4 hours every night without waking up. 
  1. Recording Measurement Results 
    In order to get the progress of measurements, try to record the results of each measurement. You can record your basal body temperature and view your trends in graphs in the free Nona mobile application available on the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play store.

    Before ovulation occurs, the average body temperature will be slightly lower. If you see a chart of higher and stable body temperature for more than 3 days, then you can be sure that ovulation has occurred. 

Please note that women are at their most fertile about two days before the temperature rises. 

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Benefits of Measuring Basal Body Temperature 

Measuring BBT is not only beneficial for couples who are planning a pregnancy. However, measuring basal body temperature is also useful for couples who are delaying pregnancy. By knowing the BBT, women can estimate their fertile period. 

In addition, there are several other benefits of measuring BBT, as follows:

  • Can detect the fertile period for women who have irregular menstrual periods
  • Giving a picture to couples about when the fertile period is
  • Can be a natural contraceptive when you are planning a pregnancy
  • Can know the development of cervical mucus during the fertile period

Those are some brief explanations about BBT. In using this method to plan a pregnancy, you need high consistency because with this consistency you will get optimal results.

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