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Earthing/Grounding Therapy and Its Benefits for the Body - Nona Woman

Earthing/Grounding Therapy and Its Benefits for the Body

Have you ever heard the term “earthing” or “grounding”? As an illustration, have you ever done activities in the wilderness, such as climbing mountains or going to the beach? If you have, perhaps without realizing it, while doing some of those activities outdoors your physical and mental health improved. These activities are considered as earthing or grounding therapy.

Earthing or grounding is a therapy in which a person performs activities that makes him or her connected to the earth. Several studies show that earthing is good for improving mood and relieving pain. This happens because of the existence of electric waves in the earth that can have a positive impact on a person.

To further clarify, we will discuss more deeply about earthing therapy and its benefits for the body.

What is Earthing?

According to the Environmental and Public Health Journal, earthing or grounding is basically a “contact” with the earth's electrons which is carried out by walking barefoot, both indoors and outdoors, in order to transfer energy from the earth to the body. Simply put, earthing is a therapy in which a person performs activities that make himself or herself reconnected with the earth.

Several studies show that earthing has a positive impact on improving mood and relieving pain. Small studies have been done on the connection of earthing and heart health. A particular study was conducted on ten participants, where all participants were asked to walk with bare feet, but previously, all participants had taken blood pressure measurements. After therapy is done, blood pressure dropped significantly.

How to Try Earthing?

Although the concept of earthing is an activity that connects the body with the earth, you do not always have to go to far away places that have a natural feel, such as mountains or beaches. You can do this anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

If you are interested in trying this therapy, you can do several activities, such as the following:

  • Walk barefoot
  • Lie on the ground
  • Soak in water

Benefits of Earthing for the Body

Basically, research on earthing is still limited; however, the positive benefits of this therapy are unquestionable. Some of the benefits of earthing for the body are as follows:

  1. As Antioxidant
    The existence of electric waves found in the earth that can be felt during earthing therapy has benefits as antioxidants. These antioxidants are very good for the immune system. By doing this earthing therapy, the body's natural immune system can return to its optimal level.
  2. Relieves Chronic Fatigue
    According to some doctors, earthing therapy can help improve sleep patterns for someone who has chronic fatigue and pain. Complaints of insomnia or difficulty sleeping can be resolved with this earthing therapy.
  3. Improves Mood
    As mentioned earlier, earthing can help improve mood. A study has compared the stress levels of individuals before and after earthing. Before earthing, participants felt physically and emotionally stressed because of the demands of work; however, after earthing, their pain, stress, and fatigue have all reduced drastically.

Those are some explanations about earthing/grounding and its benefits for the body. As we know, the research on earthing as a therapy is still not fully developed. However, there is nothing wrong with trying this therapy to see the benefits it can do for your body. You can do earthing anywhere and anytime.

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