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5 Benefits of Using Organic Cotton Pads

It is recommended to change pads every four to six hours while menstruation because the feminine area would be moister than usual. Using organic cotton pads helps keep your feminine area clean and healthy, especially throughout your menstrual cycle. 

Currently, there are many menstrual blood collection devices available on the market, one of which is conventional sanitary napkins. Some examples of unconventional menstrual products are menstrual cups, tampon, reusable pads, Organic Cotton Pads, and period panties. However, conventional pads are still in high demand in Indonesia. This is because conventional pads are easy to find on the market, and are more efficient to take anywhere.

However, in addition to conventional pads, there are also Organic Cotton Pads. The use of organic sanitary napkins is not as popular as conventional sanitary napkins. Unlike tampons, which can cause damage if used improperly or inserted forcibly. Organic Cotton Pads are safer and healthier to use.

Before we dive deep into the definitions and benefits of organic pads, let's learn more about the history of menstrual pads. 

If you're familiar with how menstrual pads alter over time, let's talk about organic sanitary pads.

What Are Organic Cotton Pads?

As the name suggests, Organic Cotton Pads are a type of menstrual pads made from natural or organic ingredients. These organic sanitary napkins generally have basic ingredients derived from plants, such as bamboo, wood, cottons, corn, bananas, to hemp dregs. Since these sanitary napkins are made from natural ingredients, they are free from chemicals, such as plastic, chlorine, latex, and rayon.

Although Organic Cotton Pads are not as popular as conventional sanitary napkins, in terms of quality, organic sanitary napkins are considered far superior to conventional menstrual pads. This is because Organic Cotton Pads are made from 100% cotton which does not contain chlorine bleach, where this chlorine is a risk factor for excessive vaginal discharge.

Advantages of Using Organic Cotton Pads

If you are interested in trying Organic Pads and switching from conventional sanitary napkins, you can learn a few things about the advantages of using organic pads:

  • Free From Chemicals

    Choosing pads that are free of chemicals is very important. The vagina is one of the organs of the body that able to absorb chemicals 100 times faster than the mouth. The vagina will absorb Whatever material that exposed to it and spread throughout the body very quickly.

    As previously explained, organic pads are made from natural ingredients and 100% cotton which does not contain chlorine bleach, where this chlorine is a risk factor for excessive vaginal discharge. Being free from chemicals makes organic sanitary napkins safe to use.

    • Breathable

    Unlike conventional sanitary pads, organic sanitary pads are made of cotton, where this material will keep the feminine area dry and allow the skin to breathe freely. In addition, organic sanitary napkins also have soft materials. This soft material can reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergies. The air flow can flow freely in the area, so the risk of getting bacteria and fungi is lower.

    • Comfortable When Used

    Some of us may feel stifled when using conventional sanitary napkins. Not infrequently, some of us experience irritation and itching. The cause of this condition is due to synthetic materials and the plastic content contained in conventional sanitary napkins.

    Unlike conventional sanitary napkins, organic sanitary napkins have thousands of natural pores that can circulate air so that the skin in the female area can breathe properly. In addition, organic sanitary napkins have a slim shape, so they will not be visible under clothes. 
    • Environmentally Friendly 

      Besides being good for health, organic Pads are good for the environment. This is because organic sanitary napkins can decompose quickly. When compared to conventional sanitary napkins which take 500 to 800 years to completely decompose, organic sanitary napkins only take about 12 to 24 months to decompose. As we know, the use of chemicals such as pesticides and others, can have a bad effect on the environment. However, these organic sanitary napkins use “plant-based” plastic components so they are easier to decompose.
      • Healthier For Your Body

      Organic sanitary products are healthier since their materials are from natural ingridients and do not pose a danger of causing allergies, rashes, or other illnesses.

        Choosing a sanitary napkin that is safe and healthy is very important for women because safe sanitary napkins will better maintain the health of the vagina.

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