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Is It True That Using a Tampon Tears The Hymen?

All women who are still in their fertile period will experience menstruation. Generally, during menstruation, women will use sanitary napkins to collect menstrual blood. However, currently there are several tools that women can use to collect menstrual blood, such as sanitary napkins, “menstrual cups,” and tampons.

For women who are accustomed to using sanitary pads to collect menstrual blood, it may be scary to use a tampon or “menstrual cup.” This is due to the assumption that tampons can cause the hymen to tear, so tampons can only be used for married women. Of course this makes some women still hesitate to use it.

So is it true that using a tampon can tear the hymen?

Tampons and Virginity

When viewed from the function, between tampons and pads have the same function, namely to accommodate menstrual blood. However, tampons are different from pads. These different forms also affect how they are used.

Tampons are cylindrical cotton that aims to absorb menstrual blood. The use of a tampon itself is by inserting it into the vaginal opening. Seeing this way, some women are still afraid that tampons can cause the hymen to tear. However, there are also some women who are comfortable using tampons during menstruation.

So are tampons safe to use?

Seeing this problem, Dr. Sepriani Timurtini Limbong said that the use of tampons can indeed injure the vagina and cause the hymen to tear even more. It can happen if you use the wrong tampon and insert it forcibly. Tampons themselves can cause injury if they don't fit properly or go too deep.

Tampons can indeed make the hymen in women torn or stretched. However, whether the hymen is torn is not a measure of whether the woman is still a virgin or not. During this time, many might think that if a woman's hymen is torn, it means she is not a virgin. This assumption is a big mistake.

The hymen is a membrane that is at the opening of the vagina and partially covers the vagina. The hymen itself is actually already perforated, so it doesn't close tightly to the vaginal opening as many people think. The hymen itself is one part that is quite sensitive, because it has elastic properties and can stretch.

There are several things that can cause the hymen to tear, such as injuries or accidents, extreme sports, sexual intercourse, and the use of medical devices. So again, a torn hymen does not mean a woman has lost her virginity. It was also said by the President of the Medical Association in Kenya, Dr. Jacqueline Kitulu, that the use of tampons is not comfortable, but they do not damage a woman's virginity.

Safe Ways to Use Tampons

For those of you who want to use tampons, you can pay attention to how to use tampons safely. That way, you don't have to worry about using it.

There are several safe ways when using tampons, such as the following:

  1. Ensuring Clean Hands
    The first way is to make sure that our hands are clean from germs and other dirt. This is one of the things you must do before using a tampon. Because if your hands are clean, you don't have to worry about germs or dirt getting into the intimate area. You can wash your hands with soap before handling a tampon.
  2. Use Freshly Opened Tampons
    The second way is to use a tampon that is completely freshly opened and well sealed. Avoid using tampons that are already open. Because it is feared that the tampon is not sterile.
  3. Check the Thread at the End
    Before using a tampon, double-check the thread at the end. Make sure the thread is strong and doesn't break easily. You can try pulling the thread, if the thread doesn't break, then it's safe to use. On the other hand, if the thread breaks, then you should use another tampon.
  4. Position Your Body Comfortably
    Before inserting a tampon, you should position your body in the most comfortable condition possible. Some women usually use a squat position, then lift one leg and hold it against a wall or bench.
  5. Insert Slowly
    Next, once you're as comfortable as possible, you can start slowly inserting the tampon. You can open the vaginal lips using one hand, then the other hand will slowly insert the tampon into the vagina. Do not force the tampon in, as doing so will increase the risk of injury.
  6. Make Sure The Yarn Is Outside
    If you feel like the tampon is getting in properly, then the last thing you need to pay attention to is that the thread should stay outside. Do not let the thread into the vaginal opening.

Those are some explanations about the use of tampons as a means of collecting menstrual blood. To use a tampon, make sure you really understand how to use it. Avoid using tampons if you feel uncomfortable or are still worried.

Again, tampons are safe to use during menstruation. Tampons can tear or stretch the hymen, but they do not make you lose your virginity.

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