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Makanan Yang Tidak Dianjurkan Ketika Menstruasi

Foods To Avoid During Menstruation

There are many women who pay less attention to what should be consumed and what should be avoided during menstruation. During menstruation you need to be vigilant in consuming food. Why is that? Is there a connection between what we consume and menstruation?

According to Elizabeth Bertone-Johnson, who is a professor of epidemiology from the University of Massachusetts, it is scientifically proven that diet has a relationship with premenstrual syndrome (PMS), so that it can trigger the severity of the symptoms.

You need to know that there are some foods that you shouldn't eat during menstruation because you are worried that they can exacerbate symptoms, such as stomach cramps and headaches. 

In general, the types of food that are prohibited during menstruation are unhealthy foods. As with foods that have high sugar and salt content or saturated fat. So, to help you find out so you can reduce it and even avoid consuming it, here's a list of what foods are not recommended for consumption during menstruation.

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Foods to Avoid When Menstruating

  • Foods and drinks that contain high caffeine
    For you coffee lovers, you need to remember especially when you are menstruating. Why is that? Of course, you already know that coffee has a high caffeine content. So that this can cause stomach problems when you are menstruating. 

  • Foods that contain high salt and sugar
    For those of you who are lovers of savory, salty, and similar foods, it is better for you to consume less during menstruation. Because foods with a high salt content can trigger water retention or accumulation. If that happens, this can make your stomach bloated. Therefore, it is better for you to avoid foods with a high salt content during menstruation.

    Apart from salt, you should also reduce the types of foods that have a high sugar content. If during menstruation you consume foods that are high in sugar, this will actually make your blood sugar levels unstable. So that it has an influence on changes in mood or mood swings.

  • Foods that contain saturated fat
    One of the most effective ways to reduce abdominal pain during menstruation is to avoid foods that have a high saturated fat content, one of which is fast food.

  • Foods or drinks made from processed milk
    The next type of food that needs to be avoided is processed milk. If you consume drinks or foods that contain processed milk, such as cheese for example. So this causes menstrual cramps. How can it be like that? This can happen because dairy products contain arachidonic acid which can trigger cramps.

So, those are the types of food that you should stay away from during menstruation. Of course there are benefits behind avoiding these foods during menstruation, namely so that menstrual pain does not get worse.

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