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Kandungan yang Harus Dihindari dalam Sabun Kewanitaan

Ingredients to Avoid in Feminine Soap

Generally, to get a fragrant vagina, the majority of us will use feminine cleansing soap. But remember ladies, even though this cleansing soap can make the vaginal area more fragrant and clean, not all brands of feminine soap are good and suitable for the vagina’s health, you know. 

Some experts recommend against douching because a healthy vagina will naturally clean itself. Obstetrician and gynecologist Stacy Henigsman, explains that the vulva, aka the area outside your vagina (which includes the clitoris and labia) doesn't have a self-cleaning mechanism. Therefore, you can clean the place, especially after having sex. 

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Maybe some people want to use feminine area products when they are menstruating, but of course don't carelessly choose feminine products. Before buying it you have to really make sure that the product is a safe product and does not cause irritation. Because if you are not careful in choosing feminine products, it will actually have a bad impact on the health of your female organs.

However, if you are unsure about using feminine products, the safest step is to clean them using warm water.

Pay Attention to These Ingredients Before Buying Feminine Soap

There are many things you need to pay attention to when you want to buy feminine cleansing soap. What are they? Check out the following explanation.

  • Strong Fragrance
    Having intimate organs with a fresh and fragrant fragrance is indeed highly coveted by the majority of women. They think that if they can get that from the feminine soap they use, it will make them more confident. Then, did you know that feminine soaps that contain a strong scent are actually at risk?

    You should of course know that this indicates that the soap contains very strong chemicals that will cause allergies and irritation to your female area. If you are forced to buy it, the safest step is to look for a feminine soap with a non-stinging scent. 

  • Contains Lactic Acid
    Lactic acid is one of the ingredients that has long been used as a cleaning agent for female organs. Besides that, lactic acid plays a role in maintaining the vaginal pH balance. Therefore, look for feminine soaps that contain these ingredients. 

  • Contains Glycerin
    Glycerin or what is known as a humectant substance is a very important composition to maintain moisture and hydrate the vagina properly. So that the vagina will avoid dryness. 

  • Quantity of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
    Sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical that we often encounter in soap and shampoo products. So that these chemicals have a role to clean the bacteria that cause infection. But you also have to pay attention to how much sodium lauryl sulfate is in the feminine soap that you want to use. Because too much of it can cause skin irritation and rashes around the female area. 

  • Contains Caprate Glyceride
    Caprate glyceride plays a role in moisturizing the vaginal skin. Therefore, choose a soap that contains this ingredient.

There are many things that you need to see and understand well before buying soap to clean the female area. What are the choices, make sure that the soap is suitable for your female organs.


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