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6 Ways to Treat PCOS - Nona Woman

6 Ways to Treat PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a fertility disorder that occurs in women. This condition occurs due to hormonal imbalance, where this hormonal imbalance occurs due to excessive levels of androgen compared to estrogen. The most common symptom of PCOS is an irregular menstrual cycle.

In this case, 5-10 out of 100 women who experience this condition, but only 30% of women who get treatment. Yet as we know, PCOS is a condition that can interfere with female fertility. If this is allowed then women will find it difficult to get pregnant.

Therefore, if you feel you are experiencing some of the symptoms of PCOS, you should immediately see a doctor for consultation and treatment. There are several treatments you can do. However, before choosing the right treatment, you need to know your current health condition.

How to Diagnose PCOS

Before you choose treatment for PCOS, you can consult with your doctor regarding your body condition or PCOS symptoms that appear in your body. The doctor will carry out physical checks, such as checking hair growth in other areas, insulin resistance, and excessive acne growth.

If these symptoms are signs of PCOS, the doctor will recommend further tests, such as a pelvic exam, blood tests, and several other tests to confirm the diagnosis.

How to Treat PCOS

When the diagnosis has been confirmed, then you can take several treatments to treat PCOS. There are several treatments that can be done, as follows:

  • Leading a Healthy Lifestyle
The first way you can treat PCOS is to change your lifestyle to be healthier. This method is also one of the recommendations from doctors, where you need to change bad habits that can interfere with body health. For example, you need to eat nutritious foods to maintain an ideal weight.

PCOS sufferers will have food restrictions that may and may not be consumed, for example, PCOS sufferers have limitations on consuming fatty and sugary foods. You will be advised to consume fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables and fruit.

In addition to food, you are also encouraged to exercise regularly. In this way, the body remains healthy. Exercise also functions to control blood sugar and insulin levels in the body.

  • Consumption of Metformin
    Metformin is a drug that is often used to treat diabetes. However, metformin itself can also be prescribed for people with PCOS. Metformin serves to reduce insulin resistance to fertility disorders caused by PCOS.

    In addition, metformin can also be used to help increase ovulation, regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce symptoms of excessive hair growth (hirsutism), and lose weight.

    Of course, in taking this drug there is a predetermined dosage of use. The average dose for taking this drug is about 1500 to 2000 milligrams (mg) per day.

    • Use Hair Removal Drugs
    The next way is to use hair removal drugs or commonly called depilatory. This medication is usually in the form of a gel, cream, or lotion. According to some people, this drug is very effective at breaking down the protein structure of the hair until it falls out of the skin.

    If this drug is deemed less effective, PCOS sufferers can also use electrolysis (a cosmetic procedure that aims to remove hair from the roots using an electric current).

    • Taking Ovarian Medicine
    If a PCOS sufferer wants to get pregnant, the doctor will recommend several drugs, such as clomiphene and letrozole to trigger ovulation. However, if this method does not work, then the doctor will recommend injections of hormones called gonadotropins.

    • Using Contraceptives
      For PCOS sufferers who do not want to get pregnant, the most common treatment is to use contraception. There are many types of birth control, such as birth control pills, injections, vaginal rings, or IUDs. In addition to contraception, you can also use hormonal drugs to prevent pregnancy.

      However, if contraceptives and hormonal drugs cannot stop hair growth, then after 6 months, the doctor will recommend spironolactone. Spironolactone is a drug that aims to reduce androgen levels in the body. However, it should be noted that spironolactone cannot be used by pregnant women or women who are planning a pregnancy. If used, spironolactone can cause birth defects. Read more about Contraceptives

      • Ovarium Drilling
      Ovarium Drilling is a method used to make several small holes in the ovaries using an electrocautery or laser in a laparoscopic or surgical procedure. This method aims to change hormone levels that can make it easier for women to ovulate.

      That was a brief explanation of how to treat PCOS. Make sure you choose the treatment that suits your health condition. If you find it difficult, you should ask a doctor for help to provide the right treatment.

      Read more on PCOS: Definition, Symptoms, Types, Treatments.

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