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How To Choose a Feminine Wash - Nona Woman

How To Choose a Feminine Wash

As women, we need to take care of several things, one of which is our vagina. As we all know, caring for the feminine region is critical, and women should know How To Choose a Feminine Wash. In fact, there are still many women who underestimate how to take care of their intimate area.

Then, how should we take care of our intimate area?

We know that the intimate area is one area that is quite special and sensitive. Taking care of and ensuring that our intimate area remains clean is one of the things that is mandatory to protect it from bacteria and various diseases.

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There are various ways you can clean the feminine area, one of which is by using a feminine wash. Currently, there are many feminine wash products available in the market. Of course, each brand promises the same thing, which is to be able to effectively clean your intimate area; however, are all of them safe and suitable for use on and around your vagina?

The answer is, not necessarily. As previously explained, the feminine area is a fairly sensitive area, so a special cleanser is needed that also has special ingredients to clean it. The content of a feminine wash is one of the important things for you to pay attention to.

You need to choose a soap with a balanced pH content for the female organs. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the basic ingredients of the wash.

One thing to note is that not all bacteria in the female area are bad. There are also some good bacteria in it. So, choosing the content of feminine soap is a very important thing to pay attention to. Do not just pay attention to the scent or brand of the product. For example, soap that contains antiseptic higher than regular soap can kill good bacteria in the female area. If that happens, then the pH in the vagina becomes imbalanced.

So that you are not wrong and confused in choosing feminine soap products, you can pay attention to the following ways in choosing the right feminine soap.

5 Tips for Choosing a Feminine Wash

The feminine area is one of the most valuable assets for all women. Thus, you should not choose an intimate wash carelessly. Pay attention to the content, pH, and also the fragrance contained therein.

So that you are not confused, you can pay attention to the following ways in choosing feminine soap:

1. Choose Products That Contain Natural Ingredients

    The first thing you should pay attention to before buying a feminine wash is the content of the product. Choose a soap made from natural ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to be effective for cleaning the female area.

    There are several natural ingredients that are suitable for cleaning the feminine area, such as betel which is used as an antiseptic, aloe vera and chamomile to maintain skin moisture, and manjakani which is used to treat vaginal discharge.

    2. Choose One That Contains Prebiotics and Lactic Acid
      The next way is to choose a feminine wash that contains prebiotics and lactic acid because a good female wash to use is a soap that contains these two ingredients.

      Here prebiotics are foods that can improve the quality and growth of good bacteria (probiotics) in the female area. These prebiotics will function to maintain the pH balance. In addition, prebiotics are useful for stimulating the growth of normal flora in the vagina and restoring the normal vaginal ecosystem. While lactic acid functions to maintain acidity levels and moisturize the skin.

      3. Choose the Appropriate pH
        Potential hydrogen or “pH" is a unit of degree used to express the level of acidity and alkalinity of a solution. The lower the pH, the more acidic the solution is. And vice versa, the higher the pH, the more alkaline the solution is.

        You need to know that a normal vagina has an acidic pH between 3.5 to 4.5. This pH level is maintained by the vaginal microbiota, also known as Lactobacillus sp.

        When choosing feminine wash, you should choose a soap that has a pH balanced with the pH of the intimate organs. This is because, if the pH of the vagina increases, the good bacteria that function to protect the vagina will die. If that happens, bad bacteria will multiply quickly, causing fungus, irritation, itching, and others.

        4. Do Not Choose Soaps With Strong Scents

        Probably almost all cleaners have a nice scent. But, for feminine wash, it would be better if you avoid products that have a strong aroma. This is because the smell that is too strong from a feminine wash usually comes from harsh chemicals that can cause irritation to the intimate organs.

        The right feminine soap is a product that is hypoallergenic, gentle, and mild on the skin. We recommend that you choose products that contain betel or other herbal plants. The aroma of betel or other herbal plants will usually bring up an aroma that is almost the same as the original plant. Products with these scents are still safe for you to use.
          5. Avoid Products That Contain SLS
            SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate is one of the ingredients commonly found in cleaning products, such as facial soap, body wash, and even shampoo. SLS is a type of detergent that functions to clean oil and grease on the surface of the skin. In addition, SLS can also produce foam when rubbed on the body.

            If you use SLS products frequently for a long period of time, it can cause allergies, especially for those of you who have sensitive skin. In addition, SLS also has the potential to damage the skin's barrier and cause irritation. Therefore, products with excess SLS content are not recommended for use in the female area.


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