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Apa itu douching

What is Douching?

One way to clean the female area is by douching. However, this douching technique is considered a risk for vaginal health. 

As we know, caring for and maintaining the cleanliness of the female area is important. As women, we must understand every form of “cleaning” of our female area. 

Douching is believed to be able to clean and eliminate odors in the vagina. However, instead of cleaning and eliminating odors, douching actually risks causing infection and disrupting the balance of acid levels in the vagina. 

So what exactly is douching? Why is this method not recommended for use in cleaning the female area? 

What is Douching? 

Douching is a way of cleaning the vagina using water or a mixture of liquids to get rid of vaginal odor. The liquid used usually contains vinegar mixed with water. However, there are some products that use iodine or baking soda. In addition, some of them contain fragrance. 

The liquid is then put into a bag called a douche. After that, the liquid will be sprayed into the vagina through a tube. This method is believed to be able to clean and reach the vaginal area deep inside the body. 

This makes many people think that this method is effective for cleaning the female area. They believe that this method can kill bacteria and fungi, prevent venereal disease, and keep the vagina smelling good and clean. 

But, in fact, there are no studies that have shown that douching can maintain vaginal hygiene and health. Reporting from the Office on Women's Health shows that 1 in 5 women in America, aged 15 to 44, use douching. Even though doctors in America have banned the use of douching because it can cause many health problems, such as vaginal infections, sexually transmitted infections, to pregnancy problems. 

Reasons to Use Douching 

In fact, the main reason douching is used is to clean the vagina. Douching is done by filling the liquid into a special bottle or bag. After that, the liquid is sprayed into the vagina. 

Some women mix the liquid with vinegar, or buy other douching products that contain baking soda, iodine, and fragrance.

Besides being considered effective for cleaning the vagina, there are several reasons women use douching, such as preventing pregnancy, minimizing the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), eliminating bad odors, and being able to clean fluids, such as menstruation or semen. 

However, until now there has been no research showing that the douching technique is effective for cleaning the vagina. 

Dangers of Douching 

As mentioned earlier, until now there has been no research showing the benefits of douching for women's reproductive health. Instead of providing benefits, douching can actually pose risks and dangers to women's reproductive health. 

You need to know that in a woman's vagina, the number of good and bad bacteria is balanced. This balance can maintain the normal acidity of the vagina. The vagina must have sufficient acidity to prevent irritation and infection. 

For this reason, many doctors do not recommend douching, because of the dangers it poses. The dangers of douching for women's reproductive health are as follows: 

  1. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 
Douching can actually cause the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease to reach 73%. This is because the bad bacteria in the vagina will actually be pushed into the internal organs due to douching. Bacteria that enter the vagina into the fallopian tubes and ovaries can trigger pelvic inflammatory disease. 

  1. Pregnancy Problem 
The second danger of douching is that it can make it difficult for you to get pregnant. Not only that, douching can also cause an ectopic pregnancy, where the pregnancy causes the fetus to grow outside the uterus. 
If you perform douching regularly, the chances of difficulties getting pregnant can reach 76%. Research shows that women who perform douching regularly, can be at risk of giving birth to babies under normal weight. 

  1. Cervical Cancer 
Several studies have also shown that douching can increase the risk of cervical cancer in women by up to two times. This is because douching can increase the risk of genital HPV infection in the vagina. HPV is one of the triggers of cervical cancer. 

  1. Upper Urinary Tract Infection
According to research published in the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Journal in 2001, it was found that douching more than once a month can increase the risk of upper urinary tract infections by 60%. 
This can happen because douching is a method that can clean the good bacteria in the vagina. Because of this, the vagina is exposed to bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. 

How to Clean the Vagina Correctly 

Maintaining the cleanliness and health of the female area is very important. For that, as women need to understand well how to clean the female area properly. 

Then how to clean the vagina properly? 

You need to know that the vagina has the ability to clean itself. That is by maintaining the level of acidity or pH remains balanced. For that, you just need to clean the vagina with warm water once or twice a day. 

In addition, you can also use intimate soap to clean the vulva (the visible female part). Nona Woman released an organic intimate wash that can maintain the pH level of the feminine area. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to the insides of the female area. 

Those are some things about douching. Basically as women, we must know very well about how to care for and clean the vagina properly. The vagina is one part that is very susceptible to irritation or infection. 

By maintaining vaginal health, you will avoid the dangers that threaten your female area.

Read more Tips to Maintain Hygiene & Health During Menstruation and try Nona Woman's organic intimate wash for sensitive skin to wash your intimate area!

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