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Tips Memilih Kondom yang Tepat

Tips for Choosing the Right Condom

Condoms are tools used to prevent sperm from entering the vagina. Usually made of latex rubber and used by men before sexual intercourse. In addition, condoms also act as a way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Even though it has been designed with strict health standards, some people may feel uncomfortable when using it. Therefore, it is important to understand how to choose a quality and safe condom.

Today, male condoms are available in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, and flavors. If the condom size and use are correct, the male condom can prevent pregnancy with a success rate of up to 98%. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a condom that fits the size and shape of your penis so that mistakes don't occur. Then, how do you choose the right condom? Let's look at the following explanation!

How to Choose the Right Condom for You

Some people may hesitate to use condoms, because they think that using a condom will reduce the pleasurable sensation of having sex. Thus, if you use it according to your needs and choose wisely, condoms will actually not interfere with the comfort of having sex with your partner. Here's a simple guide to determining the type and shape of the condom that's right for you:

  • Choose the size of the condom according to the length of the penis
    In general, medium-sized condoms are about 19 cm long, while large condoms are about 20 cm long. Using a condom that doesn't fit your penis size can result in problems such as sperm leakage into the vagina. So, this is what has the potential to become a pregnancy and increase the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Pay attention to the width of the condom
    After confirming the correct length of the condom, don't forget to pay attention to the width. Condoms that have a length and width that match the size of the penis will provide maximum comfort for you and your partner during sexual intercourse. A standard condom is about 5 cm wide, while a large condom is about 5.5 cm wide.

    If the condom is too narrow and too small, it can cause discomfort and damage to the condom. Vice versa, if the condom is too loose, the condom cannot function properly because there is a risk of it being easily released or even entering the vaginal opening.

  • Choose a condom with a comfortable material
    Various condoms available in the market have a variety of ingredients. This difference can have different effects for each individual. Most condoms are generally made of latex rubber, which can sometimes cause itching, redness, and irritation in some people. If you have an allergy to latex, it is advisable to choose condoms made of plastic or alternative materials that are safer for you.

  • Make sure the condom is lubricated
    Most forms of condoms are now equipped with lubricants, so that their use on the penis becomes easier and more comfortable. In addition to providing comfort, lubricants also play a role in preventing irritation and pain in the penis.

  • Choose the type of condom as you wish
    There are many types of condoms on the market today and each type of condom is unique in its own way. Among the uniqueness of the existing types of condoms are:

    • Rigged condom
      This type of condom is specifically designed to increase your satisfaction and that of your partner during sexual intercourse. With a jagged or textured surface, these condoms can provide an additional exciting sensation.

    • Flavored condoms
      If you want to achieve satisfaction during oral sex, flavored condoms can be the right choice. These condoms have a variety of aromas and flavors that can add to the enjoyment of these activities.

    • Colored condoms
      If you want to add a little joy to intimate moments, you can choose colored condoms. These condoms can be customized with your or your partner's favorite color, providing a touch of uniqueness and intimacy at the same time.

    • Warming condoms
      For a warmer and more exciting experience, a warming condom is an attractive option. These condoms contain a special lubricant that provides a warm sensation during sexual intercourse, increasing your pleasure and satisfaction.

Here are some ways to choose condoms that are comfortable, good and safe to use. Before buying a condom based on the type and shape that fits it, it is important to check the BPOM label and expiration date to ensure safety.


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