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4 Tips Memilih Celana Untuk Ibu Hamil

4 Tips for Choosing Pants for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, the body goes through many changes and it is not uncommon for pregnant women to have difficulty choosing comfortable pants. This is because the size of the body, especially in the abdomen, is getting bigger. Therefore, dressing comfortably during pregnancy is important to make pregnant women happy.

However, don't worry if you don't like wearing overalls. Because now there are many types of maternity pants that are comfortable and safe for the fetus in the stomach. Maternity pants also don't look much different from regular pants, such as those made from jeans, denim or cotton in various sizes. It's just that the difference lies in the waist which is equipped with stretchy rubber or jersey material so you don't feel tight in the stomach. Then, how do you choose the right pants for pregnant women? Come on, see the tips below.

Tips for Choosing Pants for Pregnant Women

If the gestational age is still under 12 weeks or the first trimester, usually the stomach is not too big so that pregnant women can still wear the pants they usually wear. However, you should not rush to buy maternity pants because the size of the pants may not match the increase in the size of a pregnant woman's belly later.

To be safe, it's best to buy maternity pants when the gestational age reaches above 20 weeks or when the pants you normally use start to feel tight and uncomfortable. Apart from that, it is important to pay attention to several other things such as size, material, comfort, and practicality of the pants. This will ensure that you feel comfortable and can move freely during pregnancy.

1. Choose the right maternity pants model

Special leggings for pregnant women are often a comfortable choice to wear during pregnancy. However, for those who don't really like this model, jeans can also be the right alternative. The various types of maternity jeans available include:

  • Over the bump, kThe elastic at the waist is designed to stretch and adapt to a larger belly. 
  • Under the bump, with a low waist that curves under the stomach.
  • basque jumper, bThis soft elastic jersey material is able to widen according to the size of the stomach. 
  • Drawstring, With a strap that can be adjusted according to the size of the stomach.
  • Fly front, with buttons and zipper like ordinary jeans, but equipped with a rope or elastic band on the side that can be adjusted according to the size of the stomach.
  • Side panel, cPants that look normal but are equipped with elastic bands on the sides. 

2. Ensure the comfort of maternity pants

To be comfortable when worn, pregnant women should try on pants before buying them. Make sure the pants model you choose is comfortable, don't be forced to wear pants that are too narrow or tight.

Because pants that are too narrow will make activities uncomfortable, especially if pregnant women need to move a lot. Apart from that, pregnant women should also pay attention that the size of their stomach may increase. If buying online, make sure the seller provides a clear description of the size of the pants. So you don't have to bother asking for help from other people to measure pregnant women's waist, stomach and thighs at home.

3. Choose a neutral color for maternity pants

Taste regarding color is indeed very subjective. And everyone has different preferences. Therefore, you can choose any color you like. However, if you are looking for pants that are easy to match with clothes, you should choose pants in neutral colors such as black, gray, or khaki.

4. Buy more than one pair of maternity pants

Many factors affect the number of pants needed by a pregnant woman, one of which is the taste in clothing. However, it is advisable for pregnant women to have more than one pair of maternity pants, especially if she prefers to wear pants over dresses.

Choosing the right maternity pants is very important for expectant mothers to avoid heartburn which often occurs when wearing clothes that are too tight, especially at the waist. In addition, choosing the right clothes can also increase comfort when doing activities during pregnancy.

For this reason, it is very important to pay attention to the tips on choosing maternity pants that have been described above. In addition to choosing comfortable clothes, expectant mothers must also make sure to maintain a healthy pregnancy by eating healthy and nutritious food, exercising regularly, getting enough rest, and having regular prenatal checkups with a doctor.


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