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Tidak Hanya Manusia, Berikut Hewan yang Mengalami Menstruasi

Not Only Humans, These Animals Also Menstruate

Many don't know that apart from humans, it turns out that there are animals that can also experience menstruation like humans. These animals also bleed from their uterus at certain time intervals. If you want to know more about animals that menstruate, see the list below.

5 Types of Animals That Menstruate 

Apparently, like humans, female animals also experience menstrual periods. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the menstrual cycle in animals varies depending on the species. Most animals that menstruate belong to the mammalian family. Among them are:

1. Elephant

These large mammals also include animals that experience menstruation. According to, female elephants who are menstruating use grass as pads. During this time, female elephants tend to stay in one place for a while.

2. Ape

The anatomy of apes is similar to that of humans, including having two hands, two legs, ears, and the same shape of face, eyes and nose. Not only that, the reproductive system of apes is also similar to that of humans, including regular menstrual cycles every month. According to research in the Journal of Biology of Reproduction, primates such as great and small apes have menstrual cycles similar to humans, except that there are differences depending on the type of species. The duration of their menstrual cycles ranged from 21 to 37 days, with a span of 2-4 days.

3. Bat

Bats are the only type of mammal that can fly using both legs which have developed into two wings on the right and left sides of its body. In addition, according to information from the Oxford Academic website, there are four species of bats that experience menstruation, including:

  • tailed fruit bat (Carolus was seen)
  • Long-tongued bat (Glossophaga soricina)
  • Black massive bat (Moloussus ater)
  • fruit bat (Fulvous liar R. leschenaultia)

4. Spiny Rat

The spiny rat is a type of rodent that has a characteristic hard hair similar to thorns. However, what makes the spiny rat unique is the fact that it menstruates just like humans. In one cycle, menstruation in spiny rats occurs for 8-9 days with a duration of about 3 days. Bleeding in spiny rats is caused by a decrease in the concentration of progesterone.

5. Dog

At the female dog's sexual maturity stage, estrogen levels will increase and there will be a significant decrease in the ovulation process in the uterus. This stage is known as the estrus cycle and lasts for about three weeks. Although the estrus cycle usually occurs every six months, it can vary depending on the breed of dog species.

When a dog is in heat, there are several physical signs that can be observed, such as frequent urination and red discharge from the genitals. This resembles the process of menstruation in the human body. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the dog's estrus cycle and provide special care during this period to maintain health and comfort.

Those are the five types of animals that also experience menstruation like humans. This phenomenon is not only limited to female humans, but also occurs in female animals. With this understanding, it is hoped that our knowledge and views on this matter can be expanded and improved.


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