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Apa itu Test Pack Kehamilan dan Jenisnya

What is a Pregnancy Test Pack and its Types

A test pack or pregnancy test kit is an easy and effective way to find out whether someone is pregnant or not. This pregnancy test kit works by detecting the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine. This hormone appears after the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, and is produced by the embryo in early pregnancy which then becomes part of the placenta.

When fertilization occurs, the test pack will show high hCG levels. The production of the hCG hormone will increase significantly during pregnancy, even doubling every day. Placental syncytiotrophoblast cells are responsible for producing this hormone during pregnancy. If you want to know more about the types of test packs and how to use them, see the reviews below.

Types of Test Packs

There are two types of pregnancy tests that can be done using a test pack, namely a test using a urine sample and a test using a blood sample. 

  • Using a Urine Sample
    The test using a urine sample can be performed both in the clinic and at home, and has the same sensitivity when used correctly. There are several types of urine test packs, such as dip, drip, and flow with urine.

  •  Using a blood sample
    In this case, doctors can carry out tests using blood samples that are more accurate but time consuming and costly, while a urine test with a test pack can be done alone at home. Blood tests have the ability to predict gestational age earlier than a urine test with a test pack.

    There are two types of hCG blood tests that can be done, namely a qualitative hCG blood test and a quantitative hCG blood test. A qualitative hCG blood test can detect the presence of hCG in the body and indicate pregnancy, while a quantitative hCG blood test measures the level of hCG in the blood and is considered more accurate than a qualitative hCG blood test or urine test with a test pack.

How to use a Test Pack

Before using a test pack, it is recommended to carefully read the instructions for use printed on the product packaging. It must be remembered that each type of test pack may have different usage guidelines.

  • Test Pack Strip 
    Test pack strip is a pregnancy test kit consisting of a small, very light plastic strip. How to use it is as follows:
    • Prepare a small container to collect urine. If you have trouble finding a suitable container, an alternative is to pour the urine directly into the test pack. However, it must be done carefully so as not to exceed the specified limit
    • After the urine is collected, soak the test pack strips until they reach the maximum mark in the container with the white part.
    • After waiting for 5-10 seconds, lift the test pack and you should not rush to draw conclusions from the red line that appears on the tool.
    • Wait about 10 minutes for the line color to stabilize and not change any more before drawing an accurate conclusion.
    • If you see two red lines, then it indicates pregnancy. However, if you only see one line or even no lines at all, then this shows no signs of pregnancy.
  • Test Pack Digital
    This tool has a shape like a stick and at the end a strip can be attached to absorb urine. The procedure for using a digital test pack is the same as for a test pack strip, but the advantage is that it can be used repeatedly by changing the strips inside, making it more practical.

  • Pregnancy Cassette Test 
    How to use this pregnancy test kit is to drip urine on a stick that has been provided. Here's how to use it:
    • To use a test pack, first open the package and point it at the stream of urine when you urinate.
    • After that, hold the test pack by directing the absorption tip downwards for at least 10 seconds until the absorption tip is wet with urine.
    • Make sure the window/place where the results are displayed is not exposed to urine. Results will appear within 3 minutes, and if within that time the red line is not visible, wait another 1 minute.
    • In the case of a positive test pack, the results may take longer depending on the concentration of the hCG hormone.
    • If after 3 minutes there is no visible result, it is possible that the leach tip is not sufficiently moistened with urine. Therefore, make sure the urine flows directly for at least 10 seconds at the end of the absorption according to the instructions for use.
    • Test packs with positive results will be indicated by the appearance of a red line in the control window and the results window.

If you are unsure about the results of a pregnancy test with a test pack, consult your obstetrician so that further pregnancy tests can be carried out to get certainty whether you are pregnant or not.


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