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Sabun Kewanitaan

Is It Necessary to Use Feminine Wash?

Cleanliness of the female area is an important thing that every woman needs to pay attention to. An unclean vagina has the potential to be attacked by various problems or diseases. Starting from an unpleasant odor, vaginal discharge, infection, inflammation, itching, to vaginal cancer which not only has an impact on health but also on sexual life in the future.

A number of experts recommend women to routinely clean their intimate spots. This also raises questions about how necessary it is to clean the vagina using feminine wash. The reason is, some people think that this is very necessary and some think that water is enough to do the job because the vagina already has good bacteria that function to clean and maintain moisture. To be able to answer this concern, you can pay attention to several points which will be discussed below. 

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Should You Use Feminine Wash?

The answer to this question could be “yes” or “no”. Yes, because feminine wash is designed according to the needs of the vulva (not vagina) and can help you be even more sure about its cleanliness. However, this may be unnecessary if the condition of the vulva feels fine and you are sure of its cleanliness. The most important thing is how often you use soap and how you clean it.

Using feminine wash excessively is believed to disturb the pH balance in the vagina. It could even wipe out the good bacteria that are supposed to be working for that balance too. Changing pH or acidity can increase the risk of infection, up to pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, Nona Woman carefully made its organic intimate wash as pH balanced.

If you decide to use feminine wash, make sure not to clean up the inside of the vagina, because that action actually makes people think that cleaning the vagina using special soap is unnecessary.

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Tips for Maintaining Vaginal Cleanliness

Not using feminine wash does not mean we cannot keep our vagina clean. You can apply the steps below to maintain vaginal hygiene and health, including:

  • Using proper underwear
  • Washing the vagina with clean or warm water
  • Not using tight pants
  • Drying with a towel after cleaning

This was a brief explanation of the answer to whether it is necessary to use feminine wash. Let's keep the feminine area clean for the health of our reproductive organs.

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