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Intimate Wash Better Over Body Wash

Why is cleaning intimate areas with intimate soap better than regular soap?

The importance of keeping the feminine area clean is often overlooked. Maintaining this cleanliness can protect us from a variety of female problems. However, incorrect practices frequently prevent us from reaping the full benefits and even endanger ourselves.

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Why Intimate Wash is Better Over Body Wash?

Intimate soap is a topic that is frequently debated. People frequently use regular soap under the pretense that they are both soaps; however, these two soaps are actually very different from each other. Let us take a look at why you should use intimate soap to wash your intimate areas rather than regular body soap.

1. Purpose of Product

Although these two soaps are similar in that they are both used for cleaning, intimate soap is only used to clean the intimate organs. In contrast to bath soap or regular soap, which does not have more specific specifications other than to clean your body. Since the two soaps serve such different purposes, several factors are taken into account during the manufacturing process. These lead to different compositions of ingredients and choice of ingredients in the two soaps.

2. The pH content

Intimate soap, which is intended for the intimate area, has gone through clinical trials specifically for the area, taking into account various things that may or may not be appropriate. In general, intimate soaps have a lower pH content than regular bath soaps. This ensures that the use of intimate soap does not disrupt the pH balance or the humidity of the feminine area, both of which may be reduced as a result of cleaning. A disturbed pH can increase the risk of infection because bad bacteria have a better chance of surviving.

3. Regular Soap Reduces Good Bacteria

The female area is surrounded by good bacteria known as lactobacillus, which help to fight off any bad bacteria that may be present. Furthermore, lactobacillus aids in pH balance, produces natural antibiotics known as bacteriocins that can kill other bad bacteria that appear, and produces substances that inhibit bacterial growth. Using regular soap can kill this lactobacillus bacteria and will undoubtedly be harmful to us.

4. Regular Soap Has a Strong Smell

In general, ordinary bath soap has a variety of strong scents that are used to entice people to buy it. The smell of regular soap is not required by the feminine area. This is due to the intimate area's ability to keep itself smelling fresh as long as it is kept clean. The fragrance content of excessive soap can actually irritate and inflame the female area.

5. Unnecessary Ingredients

Intimate soap contains ingredients that have been proven safe for the female reproductive system due to its more specific purpose. For example, the content of povidone-iodine, which is a powerful antiseptic used to repel bacteria, fungi, and infections. In addition to some good ingredients, intimate soap has paid attention to chemicals that may be harmful and have avoided including them in soap, such as dyes and preservatives.

These are some of the reasons why you should switch from regular bath soap to intimate soap to clean your female area. Given that there are so many options for feminine soap that can be easily obtained, you can consider it with a few tips as explained above, such as staying away from soaps that have a scent, are free of dyes and preservatives, and are free of harmful chemicals.

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