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What is the Ideal Sleeping Position? - Nona Woman

What is the Ideal Sleeping Position?

After being tired of doing activities every day, we definitely need enough sleep to recover our energy. With enough sleep, the body gets back in shape and ready to perform activities to the fullest. However, there are still many people who do not understand the importance of a good sleeping position.

There are still many people who do not understand that their sleeping position can affect their health. This is because the right sleeping position will improve the quality of sleep. That way, the body will benefit from sleep itself. Conversely, if the sleeping position is “not right” or wrong, then we can experience several risks, such as fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbances, and even back pain. If this happens, of course our sleep and rest cannot be optimal.

So what exactly is the ideal sleeping position?

The Ideal Sleeping Position for Health

Everyone may have a sleeping position that they find comfortable; however, a comfortable position is not necessarily good for health. The sleeping position you are currently using can make your body sick when you wake up.

But you need to know that there is no one sleeping position that is good for everyone. This is because everyone has different health problems. Thus, everyone's sleeping position can be different, and a good sleeping position for you is not necessarily also a good sleeping position for others.

For that you need to know some good sleeping positions for health, so you can apply them every time you sleep:

  • Lying Face Up

    The first sleeping position is sleeping on your back. Many say that this position is the best sleeping position. Sleeping on your back can provide many health benefits. This is because sleeping on your back can protect the spine and help relieve back and knee pain. In addition, in this position our body remains parallel to the spine. Thus, the pressure that occurs on the back can be reduced.

    This sleeping position is suitable for those of you who have health complaints such as back, neck, or shoulder pain. Sleeping in this position can reduce pain in the affected area. When sleeping in this position, try to use a comfortable pillow as a head support.

    • Side Sleeper
      The side sleeping position is also one of the best sleeping positions for health. Some people often use this position while sleeping. Side sleeping is quite recommended to be applied during sleep, especially on your left side. Left side sleeping can reduce snoring during sleep, maintain digestive health, and reduce stomach pain.In addition, sleeping on your left side can improve blood circulation to the heart, thereby reducing the risk of heartburn.

      Sleeping on your right side also has several health benefits. Sleeping on your right side can protect your heart from the risk of being crushed by other organs of the body.

      Sleeping on your side is suitable for those of you who have complaints of sleep disorders such as not breathing momentarily while sleeping. This condition is known as sleep apnea. This position is also highly recommended for pregnant women. Pregnant women are advised to use a side sleeping position to the left because this position can help improve blood circulation.

      • Lying Face Down
        The next sleeping position is sleeping on your stomach. When compared to the two previous positions, this sleeping position is not the best position, and is not recommended to be applied while sleeping.

        However, this sleeping position can be used for those of you who snore during sleep or suffer from sleep apnea. Apart from that, this position is not recommended to be applied, because the stomach can cause you neck and back pain. Thus, if you want to sleep on your stomach, maybe you can work around this by placing a pillow underneath your stomach to reduce pain in the back area.

          Those are some of the common sleeping positions and their impacts on your health. By knowing these sleeping positions, you can adjust your sleeping position to best suit your health condition. This way you will use your ideal sleeping position and your body will be fresh and fit in the morning.

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