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Causes of Excessive Body Odor in Women and How to Reduce It

Body odor is something that often bothers most people, especially women. This is because physical appearance has an important role in increasing women's self-confidence. Even though men are scientifically considered to be more susceptible to body odor problems, that doesn't mean women won't experience body odor problems, you know.

Come on, explore further about the causes and effective ways to overcome the problem of body odor in women.

Causes of Excessive Body Odor in Women

Here are several factors that can specifically cause unpleasant body odor in women, including:

1. Hormonal Factors

One of the triggers for body odor problems is hormonal changes in the body. In women, hormonal fluctuations greatly influence the appearance of body odor problems. The process of hormonal changes that women often experience makes the level of hormonal stability tend to be low.

2. Pregnancy Time

Even though pregnancy is a special moment that every married woman looks forward to, this condition can also increase the risk of body odor problems. During pregnancy, the body produces the hormone estradiol which can cause an unpleasant odor. Pregnant women also tend to sweat more often due to increased body temperature.

3. Genetic Problems: Trimethylaminuria

Body odor problems can be caused by trimethylaminuria, a rare genetic disease. Sufferers of this genetic condition experience a metabolic disorder that causes the body to release the chemical compound trimethylamine.

4. Diabetes

Women are more susceptible to the risk of diabetes than men. This factor is caused by activity levels which tend to be lower, so that carbohydrates or glucose are not used optimally. Insulin resistance that may appear in pregnant women can also cause diabetes, which can trigger body odor problems.

5. High Stress Levels

A study shows that women are more susceptible to stress than men. This is due to the higher physical and emotional burden on women. High levels of stress are also an important factor in the emergence of body odor problems.

6. Consuming oily and fatty foods

Women tend to respond to high levels of stress by consuming food, known as binge-eating disorder. The habit of overeating without paying attention to the nutritional value of food can include the consumption of oily and fatty foods, which can then contribute to body odor problems in women.

So, How to Reduce Body Odor in Women?

Here are some suggestions and tips to solve this problem:

1. Maintain Body Cleanliness

Especially for women who are susceptible to hormonal changes, maintaining body hygiene is very important. Bathing regularly, especially during hormonal changes such as menstruation or pregnancy, can help reduce body odor. Use antibacterial soap for effective cleaning and change clothes and underwear at least twice a day.

2. Relax

Stress can be a major cause of body odor in women. Therefore, it is important to manage emotions and thoughts. Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, or biofeedback to control heart rate and blood pressure.

3. Increase Water Consumption

Women generally have a lower level of physical activity than men, so their sweat production is also limited. To help remove odor-causing bacteria from the skin, it is important to drink water regularly and ensure the body remains hydrated.

4. Pay Attention to Body Hygiene During Pregnancy

Pregnant women tend to experience increased sweat production, which can cause body odor problems. Although it cannot be avoided, maintaining body hygiene by regularly bathing and changing clothes can help reduce discomfort.

5. Use Deodorant

Body hygiene has a direct impact on a woman's self-confidence. Therefore, choosing an effective deodorant can help overcome body odor. Choose a deodorant that contains antiperspirant to control excessive sweating.

By following these steps, it is hoped that the problem of body odor will no longer hinder your self-confidence. A fresh body throughout the day can provide freedom in activities without feeling inferior.


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