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The Importance of Sex Education for Teenagers

Sexual education is still a taboo topic in society. Because of its personal nature, talk of sex is often avoided. Ironically, sex education for children and adolescents is very important to raise. By providing the right understanding about sex, we can prevent them from falling into risky sexual behavior.

This is where the role of parents becomes very crucial. However, it is not uncommon for many parents to not fully understand the importance of sex education and how to deliver it properly and effectively.

The Purpose of Sex Education in Adolescents

In an era of increasingly advanced technology and environment, teenagers can now easily access information about sex. Therefore, it is important for them to get sex education that is correct, easy to read, and useful. Here are some important goals of sex education for adolescents:

1. Prevent the negative impact of the media and the environment

As parents, of course we worry if our children get inappropriate information from out there. Mainly because information is currently easy to spread and easily accessible. By providing proper sex education, we can protect them from the negative impact of media and information that can lead them to engage in irresponsible sex or even criminal acts.

2. Raise awareness about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Another goal of sex education is to inform adolescents about the risks of serious sexually transmitted diseases. By providing knowledge about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, they can be more careful in making decisions. For example, they will be more aware of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Build a relationship and trust between parents and children

Talking openly about sex education with children provides an opportunity for parents to provide accurate and age-appropriate information. This prevents children from seeking sources of information that may be unsafe or inappropriate. In addition, communicating openly about this can strengthen the relationship and trust between parents and children.

4. Protect from promiscuous sex

Done right, sex education can help teens realize the importance of respecting the boundaries of their own bodies. They will better understand that they are entitled to authority over their bodies and should not accept improper treatment of themselves.

When Should Sex Education Be Given to Teenagers?

An approach in providing sex education for children from an early age to adolescence will really help parents feel more comfortable and easier to explain to their children when they reach adolescence. The following are ways that can be followed in introducing sex education to children and adolescents:

1. Cultivate awareness since childhood

Instilling self-respect values ​​from an early age will help children learn to respect and respect themselves. Children are taught about the boundaries in interacting with friends of the same or different types. In addition, by forming a sense of self-respect, children are also taught to maintain body privacy by not removing and changing clothes in public places.

2. Introduce the differences between the genders

Children need to be introduced to the differences between boys and girls. For example, we can give the picture that the father is a man and the mother is a woman.

3. Explain about private body parts

Provide an explanation of the body parts and their functions, as well as teach which body parts should be kept private, such as the chest, lips, buttocks, and reproductive organs. When introducing the reproductive members, use the appropriate terms, namely vagina and penis.

4. Manage the use of media and gadgets

It is important for parents to accompany their children while watching TV and using gadgets, because currently there is a lot of content that is not suitable for children. Children often imitate what they see, so supervision is very important.

5. Build emotional closeness with children

Creating a strong emotional bond with children will make them feel trusted and comfortable talking to their parents. Children will be more open and not hide anything, including if they experience inappropriate situations or witness inappropriate behavior.

6. Talk casually about sex with children

Sex education can be provided by means of relaxed and fun discussions with children. Parents can answer all children's questions with understanding and tenderness. Explain all information in appropriate language and avoid harsh words or scare children. Also include religious values ​​and social norms, and explain how to properly respect your body.

Thus, sex education given to children and teenagers is very important. Hopefully these tips will be useful for you in helping to teach sex education wisely and communicatively to children and teenagers.


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