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Pentingnya Minum Air Putih Untuk Melancarkan Siklus Menstruasi

The Importance of Drinking Water for Your Menstrual Cycle

It's not a secret that consuming enough water regularly can provide benefits to the body. So, drinking water is highly recommended for everyone, from men, women, small children, to adults. 

Consuming water has many health benefits, such as maintaining hormone balance, controlling weight, calming the mind, and others. One of the other benefits of consuming water is to regulate the menstrual cycle. 

As we know, during menstruation, pain and cramps often appear in the abdominal area. Water can help overcome the problem of painful cramps during menstruation. In addition, there are many benefits of plain water for a regular menstrual cycle. 

Benefits of Water for Menstruation 

Consuming enough water can indirectly regulate menstruation. However, there are many factors that make the menstrual cycle not smooth, such as age, consumption of drugs, stress, diet, lifestyle, and others. 

Menstruation itself is a monthly cycle that will be experienced by all women. This condition helps remove blood that is in a woman's body. Therefore, to keep germs and bacteria from spreading, it is advisable to consume lots of water. 

According to doctor Dwiana Ocviyanti, SpOG, an obstetrician, during menstruation, it is highly recommended to drink lots of water so that you urinate frequently. With it, the spread of germs and bacteria from the blood to the bladder opening can be prevented. 

Frequent urination will prevent germs and bacteria from accumulating in the intimate area during menstruation. During menstruation the accumulation of germs and bacteria can occur more quickly. 

In addition, during menstruation, it is very susceptible to infection in the vaginal area caused by the growth of germs and bacteria. If it is not treated immediately, it can trigger itching and an unpleasant odor in the intimate area. 

Consuming enough water during menstruation will help the body stay hydrated. If the body is properly hydrated, then you can avoid pain and cramps during menstruation. Try to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day. 

How to Regulate the Menstrual Cycle 

Apart from consuming enough water, there are several other ways that can help regulate your menstrual cycle. Some of these ways are very easy to do. So, there's no reason not to do it.

Some ways that can help regulate menstruation are as follows: 

  1. Exercising Regularly 
    It's no secret that exercise has many health benefits. One of them is menstruation. As with drinking water, exercising regularly can help reduce pain and cramps in the stomach and back during menstruation.

    One exercise that you can do is yoga. Several studies have stated that yoga movements can help launch menstruation effectively. In addition, yoga can also control hormone levels that cause irregular menstruation. You can do yoga for 35-40 minutes 5 times a week. 
  1. Consuming Nutritious Foods 
    Eating nutritious foods can actually help facilitate menstruation. During menstruation, our bodies need adequate intake to keep the body healthy and awake.

    As we know that during menstruation, our bodies experience many changes that may be quite disturbing in our daily activities, such as pain, cramps, unstable mood changes, and others. 

In addition, consuming nutritious food is also able to maintain our body weight to remain ideal. Body weight that is too fat or too thin can affect the menstrual cycle, especially menstrual blood volume. 

If your menstrual cycle is irregular for a long time, then immediately consult an obstetrician you trust. That way, you will get the right advice and treatment. 

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