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Pentingnya Menggunakan Pembalut Malam di Malam Hari

The Importance of Using Sanitary Pads at Night

Menstruation is a natural condition experienced by most women every month. During the menstrual period, women need pads that are able to absorb menstrual blood properly to maintain comfort and prevent leakage. Night pads are one of the most important types of pads to use, especially at night when blood flow tends to be more.

Based on research results, leakage of menstrual blood during sleep at night can occur backwards as much as 81% and to the side as much as 27%, because blood flow follows the position of the body during sleep. Therefore, night pads are produced in a different shape, because they adjust the flow of menstrual blood at night, which is widened at the back and sides.

The size is also relatively longer compared to pads for the day. Therefore, using the right pads at night not only maintains comfort, but also prevents serious health problems.

Functions and Benefits of Night Pads

Sanitary napkins are very important for women because each type of pad has its own function, and if it is not chosen correctly it can make it uncomfortable in carrying out daily activities. Organic Overnight Sanitary Pads produced by Nona Woman are made with 100% organic cotton which is easy to absorb and specially designed to safely accommodate menstrual blood during sleep. With a wide back and wings, these pads protect against stains and leaks all night during menstruation.

  • Leak free all-night
    Night pads have a longer size compared to padsday use. In addition, the back of the night pads is designed to be wider to accommodate the flow of blood coming out of the buttocks and surrounding areas.

  • Prevent leaks even if you move a lot
    When sleeping, we can move up to a dozen times an hour. However, don't worry about leaks when using Nona Woman's organic Sanitary Pads.These sanitary pads are made of 100% soft organic cotton top sheet material, so they have high absorption power. That way, during menstruation, the female area remains dry and comfortable.

  • Double Protection 
    All types of Nona Woman’s organic pads have double protection to prevent leakage during sleep. After absorbing the liquid, the coating will lock the liquid effectively so that the pad will stay dry.

    Nona Woman's organic sanitary pads not only have an effective anti-leak technology to prevent leakage, but are also equipped with a back made of high-quality material (food-grade) which is waterproof. In addition, this product is safe to use because it does not contain chemicals such as chlorine or fragrances which have the potential to cause irritation to the skin around the female area.

  • Sleep becomes more restful
    Choosing the right pads during menstruation has an impact on sleep quality. If the body feels comfortable and protected from leaks, sleep will be more restful.

How to Choose the Right Sanitary Pads

Just like when choosing pads for the day, there are several things to consider when choosing pads for the night, namely:

  • Make sure it has high absorption to prevent leakage.
  • Choose a soft material so as not to irritate the skin.
  • Make sure it doesn't cause itching or irritation to the skin area.
  • And choose a bandage with a length that suits the shape of the body.

Why is it Important to Use a Pad at Night?

Night is a time when menstrual blood flow in women tends to be more than during the day. This is caused by an increase in the hormone progesterone in a woman's body at night. Therefore, using night pads is very important to absorb the blood that comes out optimally and prevent leakage.

In addition, not using night pads at night can also increase the risk of infection in the intimate area. Moist conditions that occur due to blood that is not absorbed properly can be a place for bacteria and fungi to grow which have the potential to cause infection in the intimate organs.

Infections such as vaginitis or urinary tract infections can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as itching, painful urination, and even impact your overall health if not treated properly. Therefore, it is important for women to use proper night pads to maintain the cleanliness and health of the intimate area during menstruation, especially when sleeping at night.

Now you know how important night pads are to maintain comfort during menstruation. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare night pads when entering the first few days of menstruation so that sleep remains comfortable. In addition, the use of night pads also helps maintain the cleanliness of the reproductive organs by preventing leakage. Remember to change pads as soon as you wake up in the morning so that the female area is kept clean.


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