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Pembalut Organik: Lebih Aman & Nyaman Untuk Kulit

Organic Pads: Safer & Comfortable For Skin

Taking care of the female area is very important for every woman, especially when she is menstruating. This is done to keep away from genital infections and several other types of venereal diseases. 

Using organic pads is a suitable alternative for those of you who want to maintain the health and comfort of your vagina throughout menstruation. This is because organic sanitary pads are made with natural ingredients such as cotton which has a fine structure that can overcome irritation and allergies. So, here's an explanation of the safety & comfort of organic sanitary napkins for your feminine area:

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Organic Sanitary Pads: Safer 

Organic pads are much more sterile because they do not contain chlorine bleach or dioxins, both of which can cause various diseases. Organic pads can reduce the risk of bacterial, fungal and rash infections.  

According to dr. Arini, pads made from organic materials have been proven to help reduce the appearance of irritation and have fewer unwanted effects compared to using conventional pads. In addition, irritation can also cause discoloration to darken.

Besides being good for health, organic pads have a good impact on the environment because they decompose quickly. Compared to conventional pads which need 500 - 800 years to germinate, organic pads generally only need 12 - 24 months. 

Organic Sanitary Pads: More Comfortable 

Organic pads, which are made from cotton or other materials such as corn fiber and bamboo fiber, allow trapped heat and moisture to evaporate for better airflow, allowing the skin to breathe. 

In addition to the basic ingredients that are safe, organic pads have a softer texture on the skin and can absorb menstrual fluid three times faster than traditional pads, so you can be free from itching, irritation, much more hygienic, and very comfortable to wear. 

The use of organic ingredients in organic pads results in high absorption, keeping you dry and leak-free during menstruation.

So, what are you waiting for, it's time to switch from conventional pads to organic pads for your safety and comfort!

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Recommendations for Organic Pads

There are currently many organic sanitary napkins that you can try, one of which is Nona Woman's organic sanitary napkins. Made from 100% organic cotton, Nona Woman's organic sanitary pads are free of harsh chemicals so they are safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Pembalut organik

Nona Woman has 3 types of organic pads, namely organic regular pads, organic overnight pads, organic long pads, and organic pantyliners. Get Nona Woman’s organic products at Nona Shop!

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