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Safe Sanitary Napkins According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health

Sanitary pads or tampons have become an essential need and every woman's best friend. This product is in the form of a sheet/pad made of synthetic material that is used to absorb menstrual fluid or vaginal fluids. However, are all sanitary napkin products safe to use? 

What are safe sanitary napkins according to the Ministry of Health? 

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health, in accordance with the Health Law no. 36 of 2009, sanitary napkins are low-risk medical devices that must obtain a distribution permit before being distributed in the territory of Indonesia. This classification is the same as the US FDA classification, where low-risk products have only minimal impact on the user's health. Each sanitary napkin must meet the requirements to absorb at least 10 times its initial weight and not have strong fluorescence.

In addition, the Ministry of Health also prohibits the use of chlorine gas in the bleaching process for raw materials for sanitary napkins. This is because chlorine gas can produce dioxin compounds which are carcinogenic. The bleaching methods permitted by the US FDA are: EFC Bleaching and Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) Bleaching.

The public can see the AKL or AKD distribution permit listed on the package or check it through If a product that does not meet the requirements is found, the producer/distributor can be ordered to withdraw the product from circulation.

3 Tips for Choosing Safe & Comfortable Sanitary Napkins (Pads)

Selection of sanitary napkins (pads) should not be done carelessly because it can cause irritation and infection of the female genitalia. Choose sanitary napkins that are safe for the health of your reproductive organs, and also remain comfortable to wear. Here are 3 tips for choosing safe and comfortable sanitary napkins: 

1. Choose sanitary pads with smooth and soft texture
A smooth and soft texture is a must-have for safe and comfortable sanitary napkins. If the texture of the pads is rough, it can cause the skin around the vaginal area to become bruised, rash, and irritated. The best sanitary napkins are made from natural cotton that have a soft texture and have passed dermatological tests.

2.Choose sanitary napkins that are unscented and highly absorbent.
To maintain your health, choose sanitary napkins that do not contain perfume or fragrance. The fragrance ingredients in sanitary napkins contain allergens that can easily irritate sensitive vaginal skin.

In addition, it is highly recommended to use pads that can absorb well. The goal is to prevent blood from returning to the skin, which can increase the risk of gynecological diseases. Please try Nona Woman Sanitary Pad which is highly absorbent and suitable for sensitive skin.  

Choose sanitary napkins made up of eco-friendly substances
Using eco-friendly sanitary napkins can reduce waste that pollutes the environment and is healthier for women to use. It is recommended to use sanitary napkins made from natural ingredients and free from chemicals that can have an impact on your skin.

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In addition to the 3 tips in choosing sanitary napkins above, a report from Kids Health says that you are advised to change your pad every 3 to 4 hours. This is to prevent leakage and also to avoid odors and bacteria from the menstrual blood. Do not forget to wrap used sanitary napkins before throwing them in the trash.

That is how to choose a safe sanitary napkin. If you are still considering which sanitary napkin product to use, don't hesitate to try using the Nona Woman sanitary napkin , made from natural ingredients, safe on sensitive skin, and has been certified by BPOM and registered with the Ministry of Health.  


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