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Panduan Lengkap: Jenis-Jenis Hormon dan Dampaknya pada Tubuh

Complete Guide: Types of Hormones and Their Impact on the Body

In the human body, there are hormonal compounds which have a crucial role in regulating various functions of the body's organs. These functions involve aspects such as growth, metabolism, reproduction, and the general execution of bodily tasks. To better understand the types of hormones in the body and their impacts, see the article below.

What are Hormones?

Hormones refer to chemical compounds produced by the endocrine system, a system consisting of several glands in the body. Humans produce different types of hormones, each of which plays a crucial role in supporting bodily functions.

After being produced in the body, hormones are distributed to various organs that need them to carry out their duties efficiently. In general, hormone function involves:

  • Supports the reproductive process and sexual function.
  • Supports cognitive function.
  • Supports growth and development.
  • Helps digestion of food.
  • Facilitates nutrient absorption.
  • Regulate sleep patterns.
  • Improves the performance of the heart organ.
  • Affects mood.
  • Regulates balance in the body, including balance of blood pressure, blood sugar, electrolytes, fluids and body temperature.

Types of Hormones in the Body

The following are the most important types of hormones and their impact on the body that you need to know.

1. Growth Hormones

Produced by the pituitary gland in the brain, this hormone encourages children and teenagers to grow tall and strong. For adults, it acts as a metabolic guard, ensuring the body burns energy optimally. A deficiency can inhibit growth, while an excess can cause gigantism, where height exceeds normal limits.

2. Thyroid Hormones

This hormone regulates metabolism, energy use, and body temperature. It also plays a role in controlling heart rate and mental health. Disorders of the thyroid gland can cause diseases such as hypothyroidism (slow metabolism) and hyperthyroidism (excessive metabolism)

3. Cortisol Hormones

Produced when the body is hit by stress, this hormone helps us deal with it. It mobilizes energy, increases blood sugar, and suppresses the immune system to help us adapt to challenging situations.

4. Reproductive Hormones

This hormone is responsible for sexual function and fertility. In men, testosterone triggers masculine characteristics and sperm production. In women, estrogen and progesterone control the menstrual cycle, prepare for pregnancy, and maintain reproductive health.

5. Insulin Hormones

Produced by the pancreas, this hormone opens the doors of cells to receive blood sugar. It helps the body use sugar as an energy source, keeps blood sugar levels stable, and prevents diabetes.

6. Parathyroid Hormones

Parathyroid hormone plays a role in maintaining calcium balance in the blood. This hormone helps the body absorb calcium from the bones, intestines, and kidneys to maintain healthy bones, blood clotting, and muscle contractions.

7. Aldosteron Hormones

The hormone aldosterone is produced by the adrenal glands and plays a role in maintaining body balance. This hormone regulates sodium and potassium levels in the blood, which are important for organ and nerve function.

To maintain optimal body health, it is necessary to pay attention to hormonal balance. Therefore, it is important for every individual to maintain hormonal harmony in the body through a healthy lifestyle. This step can be realized by choosing a balanced diet, diligent physical activity, maintaining quality sleep, avoiding stressful situations, and carrying out regular health checks. If there are complaints related to hormones or hormonal disorders, immediately consult medical personnel to get appropriate treatment.


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