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Nona Diaries: Sisil

Nona Diaries: Sisil

Nona Diaries is a series featuring some inspirational women and their period stories. Today’s feature is about Sisil, aka @sisilism2.0

Sisil started her journey as a sex-positive content creator since 2018. Her passion to share and teach led her to build SISILISM as an accountable source to understand sexual and reproductive health. Her work is known for its assertive, research-based, and playful manner. Now,  it's reaching more than 300.000 followers and is on its way to be the first Indonesian comprehensive sexuality educational organization.

Sisil Sisilism

Hi! Let's start with your name

Sisil from @sisilism2.0

Tell us about Sisilism (sex ed platform). What do you do there?

Sisilism first started as my personal blog where I share sex-positivity content and sharing my knowledge about sex. It also a platform where I create a safe space for people to ask, and share about their sex-experience. In 2021, Sisilism focuses on creating an online sex-ed school based on ITGSE. We’re teaching Comprehensive Sexuality Education in a fun and informal way so that we want our students to be comfortable talking about it and not afraid to be judged.

How exciting! What made you start Sisilism? 

I’d say I made it for me. Personally, I never had any sex-ed when I was in school nor from my parents. Instead of being given facts and a science-based approach, my mom would tell me myths that often sound ridiculous and scary. Wonder how many Sisil out there with the same kind of parents? So I started to pour my idea on to a piece of paper, start scripting, and turn on my camera and talk. I never thought that I’d go viral and people would care about what I do, but I guess I made it to become the sex guru haha. 

My vision for Sisilism is also to encourage people to start openly talking about sex. We all come from sex, so why we have to be so ashamed about it?

We totally agree. What do you love most about it?

I’m an open book, so I love to share and having a platform to safely share my journey, knowledge and all the bits just simply makes me happy. Also to have the privilege to be asked and it somehow allows me to learn more and more and more because when you open your door to more questions it leads you to more knowledge. That’s what I love the most! The second is, the opportunity to have the connection and networking with other influencers, brands, sexologists, communities, NGOs, and so on. I realized that I’m not alone and I’m not fighting it by myself but together with them.

How can people educate themselves more about sex ed? 

The first step to educate yourself is to be curious. So never settle for less. If you’re thirsty for knowledge, go ahead ask, ask, ask and do your own research! We live with Google today, and there’s nothing you couldn’t find online. There are tons of journals, sex-ed creators for your specific needs, and even you can try to look for the community in your area. 

To me, education--any kind of education is important. But with enough knowledge of sex-ed it will save you from bad dates, unnecessary panicking about your late period, taking care of yourself physically and mentally and even it saves you when your kids asking you about sexual things--trust me, it won’t be awkward anymore! 

Describe your period in 3 emojis.


What feelings do you have towards your period?

I’m lucky I don’t have any cramps leading to my period nor during. So, for me it’s pretty chill and feels the same as usual. A small drawback would be when my boobs become tender and I can’t comfortably lay on my chest--that’s all. Hmm a few hours or days before my period I’d wonder “ok when will this blood flow?” cos I’m worried it’ll leak when I sleep.

Do you get any womanly intuition or signs when your period is coming? 

Yep. For sure. I have a big appetite a few days before my period, it feels as if my tummy doubled in size so I could eat more. Breasts become tender and more sensitive. And I always keep track of my discharge as well so that’s how I know and also the dates.

Are there any habits that you incorporate into your lifestyle to honor your period? 

Not really. Since I don’t have any issues with my period, I tend to just leave it as is and don’t have any rituals for it.

What’s a period myth that you believed as a kid that you now think is ridiculous?

Not being able to wash your hair on your period. Come on! That’s madness!

If you could give your younger self advice when you first got your period, what would you say?

For context; I used to wanna have periods so bad! I used to think that once you get your period it’s a sign that you’re an adult. Most of my friends have periods when they were 10-12y.o and I got it pretty late when I was 14yo. 

So, here's advice to my younger self: Stop comparing yourself to others. They have their own timeline and you have yours, darling. And also, having a period isn’t really a sign that you’re a mature person, it’s simply just how your body works. Thank yew.




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