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Nona Diaries: Adianti Reksoprodjo

Nona Diaries: Adianti Reksoprodjo

Nona Diaries is a series featuring some inspirational women and their period stories. Today’s feature is about Adianti Reksoprodjo aka @adianti.

Back in 2014, Adianti fell in love with Crossfit and got herself a CF-L1 certification in 2015. Not long after that, she found herself pregnant with her second one, and had postpartum depression after. She refused to take on medication to treat her depression back then, and found solace through fitness instead. With that milestone, she found her true calling in the fitness world, and became Prenatal Postnatal Trainer certified. 

Adianti is the founder of Fit Mum and Bub, the first baby carrying workout in Indonesia in 2016. Soon after that, she created Bump Class, the first prenatal fitness class with functional training emphasis. In 2018, together with SANA Studio, she co-founded SANA Kith & Kin.

Based in Jakarta Indonesia, she is a proactive, energetic mother of two who is passionate about women's health & well being, specifically, prenatal and postnatal fitness. With strength training as a background knowledge, Inspired to spread the knowledge of the importance of health throughout pregnancy and after.

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Hi! Let's start with your name

Adianti Reksoprodjo from @adianti

What do you do as a women's coach?

Let’s face it, us women are very unique, intricate, and beautiful beings. Our psychological and physiological systems are complex, with purpose. As a women's fitness specialist, I am able to customize the training program for the specific women's health and needs that are often overlooked (pelvic health, body image, menopause hormone issues to name a few) but of course all within the scope of my work as a fitness coach. And the way I approach my clients with their progress is always qualitative result based. To create a positive approach on their lifelong fitness journey. No hacks, just purely progressive on their personalized individual training.

How is coaching different for pre & post natal women?

As a pre/post trainer, a lot of fundamental knowledge plays a big role in their physiological and psychological changes that need to be addressed. Making sure they are fit and also safe during their prenatal journey. You have to be able to know exactly when to push them and how to properly regress their training.  I really think helping these women out during one of most important journeys during their life is beyond rewarding. And this is my true calling. I found my solace through fitness as I was experiencing postpartum depression  after I gave birth to my second child. So I pursued it. And it was one of the best decisions in my life. I can help my fellow mothers during their crucial time through fitness.

What are your favorite ways to work out?

I started my fitness journey through crossfit back in 2014, and then found myself getting certified to coach on it, and the rest is history 😄 So I have to say, strength training is my solid base because of it. And so Weightlifting is my favorite.

What is your food philosophy like?

80:20 as in 80% most of the time i try to eat healthy and balanced meals.. while 20% of it i will embrace all the food. All done with macro counting.

What is a typical day of eating like for you?

Coffee and protein smoothies with a scoop of collagen peptides, a big lunch with protein dense meal, snack at 4.00, and an early  dinner at 6.00. But you know, life always happens right, so as long as it is balanced and fuel me good it should be just right.

Do you have any other hobbies & passions?

I love to ride my bike. And working on perfecting my handstands. Hahaha.

Describe your period in 3 emojis.


What feelings do you have towards your period?

Luteal phase is the worst for me. Low energy and bloating is my enemy. And being in my 40s, lethargy & fatigue is even worse during this phase. But it is something to be grateful for. My womanly body is functioning well!

Do you get any womanly intuition or signs when your period is coming? 

Luteal phase is the worst for me. Low energy and bloating is my enemy. And being in my 40s, lethargy & fatigue is even worse during this phase. But it is something to be grateful for. My womanly body is functioning well!

Are there any habits that you incorporate into your lifestyle to honor your period? 

Taking a more serious approach with my training by customizing it to my menstrual cycle.

What’s a period myth that you believed as a kid that you now think is ridiculous?

Don't scratch while on your period. Ppffft… it will create stretch marks.

If you could give your younger self advice when you first got your period, what would you say?

Embrace your period. It's a sign that your body is healthy and your hormones are balanced! You are a GODDESS!



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