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Musium Vagina

The Vagina Museum in London

So far, discussions about reproduction and sex are still taboo. This is not only happening in Indonesia, but also in several other countries. 

In fact, education about reproduction, sex and genitals is very important, especially for teenagers to other ages. With proper understanding and education, there will be no more negative stigma about the world of reproduction, private parts and sex. 

In London, a vaginal museum has been opened, to be precise at Camden Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London, England. This museum is specifically created to educate visitors about the vulva and vagina while challenging the negative stigma about it. 

According to the Forbes website, this vagina museum was founded thanks to fundraising and from the public, who can donate 50 thousand pounds or the equivalent of Rp. 908 million. The project started in March 2017, after director Florence Schechter found a penis museum in Iceland. For that, he had the idea to build the world's first vaginal museum. 

This museum was built to provide education and provide information to the public about reproduction. In addition, this museum is also used as a medium to listen to and discuss taboo subjects on the female body. 

Among women, the word "vagina" is still often misused. A research conducted by the Eve Appeal organization said that nearly 65% of women had difficulty describing the vagina, vulva, the visible parts of the genitals, connecting the visible parts, and the inside of these organs. 40% of them usually mention the vagina using other substitute words, such as “bottom”. 

The World's First Vagina Museum 

As the world's first vaginal museum, the vaginal museum is made in the style of an art exhibition. And as an open exhibition, this museum carries the theme: "Muff Busters: Vagina Myths and How to Fight Them." 

Maybe it's not what you'd imagine, here, the vagina and vulva are not used as objects of art, instead, the museum holds a kind of discussion forum, dialogue, and exhibitions on women's rights, and related topics. 

In addition, in this exhibition space, there are banners that aim to explain the myths and facts of the vagina and vulva. For example, the myth about using tampons can

make women lose their virginity. In addition, there is also a myth that menstruation is dirty. 

According to Sarah Creed, one of the vaginal museum curators, the Vagina Museum can be used as a place to openly discuss female anatomy without any embarrassment or discomfort. 

Sarah also hopes that this museum can be more than just an explanation of anatomy, but can also become a space for discussions about sex, gender identity, and women's sexual reproductive health. 

If you are interested in the concept of this museum, you can visit it in London, England. The museum is open Monday to Saturday and admission to the museum is free. 


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