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4 Hal Yang Perlu Disiapkan Jelang Menstruasi Pertama

4 Things to Prepare for Your First Menstruation

A woman who grows up physiologically will experience the maturation process of her reproductive organs, which is marked by menstruation (period). Menstruation is the discharge of blood from the vagina regularly (monthly cycle).

As reported by the official website American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, when entering puberty, the brain will give a signal to the body to produce several types of reproductive hormones. This hormonal shift makes the uterine lining grow thicker with blood and blood clots. In addition, the ovary will release the egg and travel towards the uterus through the fallopian tube. 

However, if the egg is not fertilized by the male sperm then the woman will not get pregnant. Vice versa, if the lining of the uterus exits the body through the vagina, then the discharge of the lining of the uterus in the form of blood and blood clots follows which is known as the first menstruation or first menstruation. The first menstruation in young women generally begins around the age of 12-13 years. 

Some women experience their first menstruation sooner or later than this age standard. Menarche dissimilarity in every woman is a common thing to happen. This situation is influenced by diet, weight, stress, and physical activity. Exposure to cigarettes and the condition of children born to preeclamptic mothers also affect the first menstruation.

Menstruation for the first time is known as menarche. A young woman when she finds menarche will definitely feel worried because she has never had an experience where blood or several spots come out of her genitals. Thus making her confused, starting from how she should act? What happened to her? Various questions will surely arise from her mind.

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What Things Do You Have to Prepare for?

In this regard, at least you can provide education by explaining information about menstruation as follows.

  • Bleeding is a natural thing
    Blood staining clothes is something that is very scary for preteens or teenagers. So, the menstrual cycle can sometimes make her feel a number of things and make her feel that she is experiencing something strange and unnatural.

    Even so, you do not need to worry and panic when responding to it. Increase literacy by reading topics that discuss menstruation or you can also consult with the closest people and also doctors.

  • Anticipate when menstrual pain occurs
    In the early days of experiencing the menstrual cycle, what often happens is experiencing pain/cramps during menstruation and various feelings that result in feeling unwell such as headaches, nausea, or even diarrhea. 

    To treat menstrual pain/cramps and various conditions that cause this discomfort, try using a heating pad or patch and placing it on your stomach or lower back. 

    And to reduce the pain of headaches or migraines, try compresses with cold water on the sore. If the natural ways to reduce menstrual pain above don't work so that it interferes with activities, try to consult a doctor.

  • How to use pads
    When your menstrual cycle arrives, stock up on pads, tampons, or menstrual cups and learn how to use them. If needed, you can also make notes about the menstrual cycle that occurs to yourself.

  • Menstruation is not an injury
    The first menstrual cycle is a big transitional period for those of you who have daughters. Therefore, you must make menstruation a positive experience and not something that hinders it. It should be emphasized that bleeding during the menstrual cycle is very different from bleeding from an injury. 


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