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Cara Menjaga Keseimbangan pH Miss V

How to Maintain Your Vagina's pH Balance

You must already know that maintaining the pH balance of a woman's intimate organs is very important? pH or acid-base levels in Miss V, can be an indication of how healthy your intimate organs are. One of the signs of a healthy Miss V is having a balanced pH. If the pH of Miss V is not balanced, the good bacteria in Miss V will die. As a result, bad bacteria will multiply rapidly in your sex organs. This risks causing fungus which can trigger irritation, itching, and abnormal vaginal discharge. Therefore, maintaining the pH balance of Miss V is very important for your health.

Symptoms of Miss V's Unbalanced pH

When the pH balance in the Miss V area is disturbed, several symptoms can appear. These symptoms include:

  • Itching and burning sensation in the vaginal area
  • Inflammation in Miss V's area
  • Painful feeling when urinating
  • Experiencing thin discharge with gray, white or green color
  • Discharge with a bad smell
  • Swelling and irritation in the vaginal area
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.

However, it should be noted that some women may not feel any symptoms even if the pH in their vaginal area is not balanced.

How to Maintain Miss V's pH Balance

In order for Miss V to stay healthy, it is important to keep it dry and protected from materials that can cause irritation. To maintain a healthy pH balance in the Miss V area, here are some tips you can do:

  • Cleaning Miss V Regularly
    After urinating or defecating, it is very important to clean Miss V properly. The trick is to clean it using clean water from front to back. This aims to prevent bacteria from the anal area from entering Miss V. Apart from cleaning it with water, make sure to dry Miss V with a soft tissue. And avoid using rough tissue or paper towels when drying it, because it can cause skin irritation in the sensitive Miss V area.

  • Clean Miss V Without Using Antibacterial Soap
    It is important to remember that it is best not to clean Miss V with antibacterial soap. Scented, gel, or antiseptic soaps can actually upset Miss V's pH balance and destroy good bacteria. Clean your intimate area with water and gentle soap only, like Nona Woman's Organic Intimate Wash.

    In addition, you should avoid using harsh feminine hygiene products, both those used outside and those that are sprayed into the vagina (douching). This can disrupt the normal pH of the vagina and increase the risk of irritation in the vaginal area.

  • Avoid Using Synthetic Undergarments
    To maintain the health of the female area, you should avoid wearing underwear made from synthetic materials. This is because the material is not able to absorb sweat properly, so it can cause the area of ​​the intimate organs to become moist. Moisture in the area can facilitate the growth of bacteria which can be harmful to health. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose cotton underwear that can keep the Miss V area dry, while reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

  • Maintaining Miss V Cleanliness during Menstruation
    In order for Miss V's health to be maintained during menstruation, use pads that are free of fragrance content. Change pads after 4-6 hours or when they are full. That way, the cleanliness of Miss V is maintained and protected from bacteria that can cause infection.

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