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Mengenal Metode Skin Cycling

Getting to Know Skin Cycling

Have you ever heard of the term “skin cycling”? Recently, there has been a skin care trend on TikTok that can make skin clean and clear like Koreans. 

This skin care method is widely known as skin cycling. Many argue that this skin cycling method can make us get glass skin like Koreans. This method actually offers a simple routine for caring for the skin by giving the skin "rest" time by using several active ingredients in skincare. 

Skin cycling can help repair the skin barrier that is damaged due to the use of various products. As we know, the use of various “skincare” or makeup products can cause skin damage, because many ingredients enter and penetrate our skin. 

So what is the skin cycling method like? 

What is Skin Cycling? 

The skin cycling method itself was originally introduced by a dermatologist from New York named Dr. Whitney Bow. Initially, Dr. Bow introduces this method through social media with the hashtag #SkinCycling. The video has been watched 110.6 million times on social media. 

Skin cycling is a term used to describe how to use the right product on your face. This method focuses on four procedures performed on four days each night. This procedure must be carried out routinely and in order, and cannot be exchanged. In the four-day nightly procedure, divided into two nights of treatment and two nights of recovery. 

This method is believed to be effective in preventing irritation to the skin caused by over exfoliation. This skin cycling method has a "recovery night" stage where it helps the skin to improve its condition due to the use of active ingredients in skincare. 

What Are the Benefits of Skin Cycling? 

Besides helping to get clear skin, skin cycling also has many benefits for the skin. Some of the benefits of skin cycling are as follows: 

  • Helps repair the "skin barrier" due to the use of various "skincare" products ● Helps the skin overcome various skin problems, such as acne to dull skin ● Reducing the negative effects of using the product simultaneously

How to Do the Skin Cycling Method 

As previously explained, the skin cycling method has four procedures carried out in four nights. However, it should be underlined that this skin cycling method only focuses on skin care at night. So, in the morning, you can still use basic skincare, such as facial wash, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 

Some of the steps you can do when trying the skin cycling"method are as follows: 

  1. First Night: Exfoliation 

The focus of treatment on the first night is exfoliation. Dr. Bow suggests exfoliating at the first stage, with the aim of helping remove dead skin cells and remaining dirt on facial skin. So, then the ingredients in skincare products can be absorbed properly in the skin. 

The first step, you can do double cleansing to help clean your face optimally. After your face is clean, you can use exfoliating products. For exfoliating products, Dr. Bow suggests using skincare which is classified as chemical exfoliation rather than physical exfoliation. 

The ingredients that are usually found in chemical exfoliation, such as AHA or Glycolic Acid. The use of chemical exfoliation is more helpful in giving a glowing effect to the skin directly. 

  1. Second Night: Retinol 

On the second day, you are still advised to use the active ingredient, namely retinol. The use of retinol helps accelerate skin regeneration and helps trigger collagen production. Retinol is also known to be effective in helping fade acne scars. 

Before using retinol, the first step to do is double cleansing. You can clean your face using micellar water (such as Bioderma) and then use a facial wash. 

Before using retinol, make sure your face is dry. Because if the skin is still wet and moist, then the penetration of retinol can irritate the skin. 

Next, you can apply retinol thinly on your face. However, if this is your first time using retinol, you can apply a moisturizer especially to sensitive areas, such as the eyes, bridge of the nose or corners of the mouth. 

  1. Third and Fourth Nights: Recovery

As previously mentioned, the last two nights are "recovery nights". On that night, you only need to do double cleansing, using toner, serum, and moisturizer. 

On the third and fourth nights it is used to give the skin a chance to "rest", after exfoliating using active ingredients that are quite hard. So these last two nights, become an opportunity to hydrate the skin and restore moisture. 

You can repeat this method regularly every week. However, keep in mind that the final conditions or results of each person are different. It all depends on the condition of each skin. 

If you don't feel comfortable using this method, then you don't need to continue. You can return to caring for your skin according to your skin condition. 

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