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Hi Nonas!  Download our period tracker app for IOS & Android to understand more about your menstrual cycle.
Mengapa Period Tracker Itu Penting?

Why is a Period Tracker Important?

Menstruation is a phase that will be experienced by all women who have gone through puberty. Menstruation generally occurs once every month. However, it all depends on the condition of each woman's body. Therefore, every woman has a different menstrual cycle. 

Sometimes some women have erratic menstrual cycles. Therefore, it is important for women to record their menstrual schedule. 

Recording and monitoring the menstrual cycle has many benefits, especially for women who are planning a pregnancy. In addition, they can also find out their overall health condition. 

With the rapid development of this technology, you can use a period tracker to help record your menstrual cycle. You also need to know that there are many benefits of a period tracker for everyday life. 

Benefits of Period Tracker for Everyday Women's Life 

Keeping track of your menstrual cycle can let you know when you are menstruating. In addition, you can also determine whether your menstrual cycle is running normally or not. If you find that your menstrual cycle is running abnormally, then you can detect and treat it earlier. 

Generally, women will record their menstrual cycle manually on the home calendar. However, with current technological developments, you can take advantage of the Period Tracker application which can be downloaded on your smartphone. By using the period tracker application, you can record your menstrual period easily. 

Besides that, there are several benefits of a period tracker in everyday life, as follows: 

  1. Prevent Premenstrual Syndrome
    Premenstrual Syndrome or commonly called PMS, is a condition that occurs in women before menstruation. This condition makes women experience irregular moods, such as irritability, anger, happiness, and others. In addition, they usually also often experience breast pain, headaches, and acne.

    By recording your menstrual cycle using a period tracker, you can prevent PMS from happening. You can prepare nutritious food to maintain your body's condition. Remember, during menstruation, our bodies need adequate nutrition.
  1. Detect Menstrual Problems 
    The advantage of using a period tracker in women's daily lives is that it can detect menstrual problems. When you use a period tracker, you can observe whether your menstrual cycle is running smoothly or not.

    If your menstrual cycle doesn't seem to be going smoothly, then you can take medication quickly and precisely. You can also consult an ob-gyn doctor regarding this problem. 
  1. Preparing for a Specific Event 
    When you want to plan a certain event for traveling or vacation, you definitely want the event to run smoothly. Generally, when women are menstruating, they feel a little uncomfortable to travel or take long vacations.

    Therefore, by using a period tracker, you can find out when your menstrual period will come. That way, the event you have planned can run without a hitch. You also don't need to carry lots of items or underwear like when you are menstruating. 
  1. Planning for Pregnancy 
    Pregnancy is one of the things that married couples look forward to. And for women, planning a pregnancy properly is important.

    By using a period tracker, you can determine when your fertile period is. So, you and your partner can know when it's time for you to have sex. Because having sex during the fertile period can increase the chances of getting pregnant.

    Conversely, for those of you who are also delaying pregnancy, you can use a period tracker to see when your fertile period has passed. So, you and your partner can postpone having sex at that time. 

Maybe, there are still many people who use calendars or small notes to mark their menstrual cycles. However, using a period tracker application will make it much easier for you to record your menstrual cycle. Period trackers can also provide notifications as a reminder for you. 

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