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Tips dan Solusi Mengatasi Masalah Hormon Testosteron Selama Kehamilan

Solutions for Overcoming Testosterone Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important and decisive moment in the life of a mother and her baby. During pregnancy, the body's hormones will experience significant changes, including the hormone testosterone.

Sometimes, testosterone hormone problems can occur during pregnancy, and can affect the health of the mother and baby. Therefore, in this article we will discuss tips and solutions for dealing with testosterone problems during pregnancy.


Overcoming Testosterone Hormone Problems During Pregnancy

Ways to balance testosterone levels in the body can vary depending on the conditions of each individual.

  • How to Increase Testosterone Levels
    Womenoften consider themselves testosterone deficient when they experience low libido. Although low sex drive is a common symptom of a lack of this hormone, there are many other symptoms that can occur.

    Because there is no safe drug to increase testosterone in women, doctors tend to recommend lifestyle changes as a natural way to deal with symptoms that appear, such as: 
    • Undergo sex therapy to increase libido
    • Find ways to relieve stress
    • Take enough rest
      How to Decrease Testosterone Levels

      When the decrease in testosterone levels is caused by a disease such as an ovarian tumor, the doctor will deal with it according to the type of disease.

  • How to Decrease Testosterone Levels

After consulting with a doctor, it is likely that the use of drugs and oral contraception such as birth control pills will be recommended to inhibit the production of the hormone testosterone in women. The doctor may also give progestin hormone therapy to restore the menstrual cycle and increase fertility. However, this treatment requires a doctor's prescription and some medications which include: 

    • Eflornithine
    • Glucocorticosteroids
    • Metformin
    • Progestin
    • Spironolactone. 
It is recommended for women who have high testosterone levels to change their lifestyle to be more active and healthy. Regular exercise can help you lose weight, restore balance to testosterone levels, and promote balanced hormone levels during pregnancy. Some foods such as nuts, soybeans, green tea, and flaxseed are also thought to help lower testosterone levels in women.

Excess or deficiency of testosterone hormone in women can make changes in your body.If you experience any abnormal or worrying symptoms during your pregnancy, such as increased hair growth or decreased libido, consult your doctor. Doctors can provide the right solution to overcome testosterone hormone problems during pregnancy.

In addition, health conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or gestational diabetes can trigger an increase in testosterone production in women during pregnancy. Be sure to pay attention to health conditions during pregnancy and consult a doctor if necessary.

Testosterone Hormone Function in Women

Females produce the hormone testosterone in their ovaries, fat cells, skin cells, and adrenal glands. In adult women, normal testosterone levels range from 8-60 ng/dL. The hormone testosterone has several important roles in maintaining women's health, including:

  • Regulating Sexual Arousal
    The hormone testosterone plays a role in influencing a woman's sexual arousal, including the desire to have sex, sexual fantasies, and thoughts related to these activities. This hormone also helps provide energy for sex.

  • Maintaining Bone Health
    Maintaining normal testosterone levels can help maintain healthy bone strength and growth. The hormone testosterone works together with estrogen to strengthen bones and prevent disorders that can occur in the bones.

  • Affecting Fertility
    The hormone testosterone, together with estrogen, plays an important role in fertility. Testosterone levels that are too high or low can cause decreased fertility. This symptom is characterized by irregular or even infrequent menstrual cycles.

  • Maintaining Brain Function
    The hormone testosterone has neuroprotective properties which means that in normal amounts, this hormone can protect and improve the health of nerve cells in the brain. Women who are experiencing menopause and suffering from Alzheimer's are known to have lower than normal testosterone levels. Conversely, women with higher testosterone levels but still within the normal range are believed to have better mathematical and spatial abilities.

However, keep in mind that this must be balanced with a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of decreased brain function. There are several ways to do this, such as eating a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and avoiding alcohol.

Don't let an imbalance in the testosterone hormone interfere with your health. Make sure you know your testosterone levels by doing a blood test. If the test results show an abnormality, immediately consult a trusted doctor at the nearest hospital for further examination.


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