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Manfaat Butterfly Hug untuk Kesehatan Mental

Benefits of Butterfly Hugs for Mental Health

Difficult times in life can create deep feelings of anger, stress, anxiety and sadness. However, there are various strategies for dealing with negative emotions, one of which is applying the butterfly hug technique.

In the realm of psychology, this method is known as a form of self-stimulation to deal with excessive anxiety or emotional outbursts. By applying this technique, one can achieve calm and gain clarity of mind. Find more explanation about butterfly hugs and instructions here!

Benefits of Doing a Butterfly Hug

The benefits that can be gained from doing butterfly hugs to treat mental health include:

1. Supports Recovery from Traumatic Experiences

Butterfly hugs have been shown to be beneficial as a trauma recovery method. When experiencing trauma, a person often constantly remembers the painful incident. This condition can trigger anxiety and depression. By consistently applying this hugging technique, individuals can reduce feelings of anxiety and overcome past trauma, creating a feeling of calm.

2. Relieve Excessive Anxiety

One of the other benefits of butterfly hugs is that they relieve anxiety. Excessive anxiety can disturb a person's daily peace. This therapy helps reduce anxiety levels by controlling the mind and body, thereby creating a feeling of calm.

3. Helps Manage Emotions

Usually, when someone experiences excessive anger or sadness, it is difficult for them to control their emotions. Butterfly hug therapy can balance chemical compounds in the brain that regulate mood. In addition, this therapy stimulates the production of endorphin hormones as stress relievers.

4. Increase Self-Compassion

Loving yourself is a key element in self-healing or recovering from emotional wounds resulting from trauma. One way to improve it is to embrace yourself. The act of hugging or touching your body can increase feelings of love and tenderness towards yourself. Through the practice of butterfly hugs, a person can more easily accept themselves as they are and become more open to aspects they may not like.

How to do a Butterfly Hug?

Butterfly hugs are simple enough to do on your own. Here are the steps:

  • Cross your arms in front of your chest casually. Place the fingertips of each hand under your collarbone or upper arm. Adjust the hand position according to your comfort.
  • Gently close your eyes while catching your breath. Make sure to soak in every second while doing this butterfly hug.
  • Do a slow clapping motion. Like Resembling the fluttering wings of a butterfly. Do this movement for about 30 seconds or more, until you feel calm.
  • While clapping your hands, breathe slowly, involving your stomach, and feel everything around you. Include awareness of what you feel physically and emotionally.
  • Visualize all the feelings and emotions you feel as clouds pass through you. Understand that these feelings are normal and don't need to be changed.

Stop the process when you feel better and your body feels more relaxed.

You can use this technique freely in various places. However, it is recommended to choose a safe, comfortable and quiet environment so that you are not disturbed and can feel calm more quickly. Apart from yourself, this technique can also be applied to those closest to you when they experience emotional fluctuations.


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