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Makanan Untuk Kesehatan Hormon

Food for Hormonal Health

When talking about hormones, the thing that comes to mind is that hormones can affect stress, digestion, and metabolism in the body. The human body needs to involve components that keep it working and functioning properly. 

The hormone itself is a chemical substance formed by special cells from the endocrine glands, where this hormone will later affect all performance in the body. 

Therefore, hormones become one of the important parts of the body. If these hormones cannot function or work properly, it means you are experiencing health problems. In addition, hormone conditions can change depending on body conditions. 

Most women have experienced symptoms of hormonal changes, such as acne, decreased metabolism, and others. For this reason, it is very important to maintain the balance of the body's hormones. 

There are many things you can do to keep your body's hormones awake, one of which is to consume nutritious food. There are several foods that you can consume to maintain the balance of hormones in your body. 

Foods That Maintain Hormonal Balance 

  1. Soybeans 
    Soybeans are foods that can balance hormones. This is because soybeans have high levels of isoflavones, which can function as antioxidants. In addition, isoflavone levels can help balance levels of the hormone estrogen and bind xenoestrogen levels which can trigger tumors and breast cancer. 
  1. Oats 
    The second food that is useful for maintaining hormonal balance is oats. Oats are known to be rich in fiber. In addition, oats also have the benefit of detoxifying the body and removing toxins from the body.

    The content of oats can maintain the balance of the hormone estrogen. Indirectly beneficial to strengthen liver function. 
  1. High Protein Foods 
    Consuming foods rich in protein can also maintain hormone balance. That's because high protein foods can help us feel full longer, that way we will get enough energy for our daily activities. You can consume foods that contain vegetable or animal protein

    Some foods that contain protein such as nuts, fish, eggs, chicken, and meat. Consuming protein foods will help release hormones that control appetite. That way you can get the ideal body. 
  1. Yogurt 
    Yogurt can also be useful for maintaining hormonal balance in the body. Yogurt itself contains lactobacillus bacteria which can prevent the risk of breast cancer.

    In addition, yogurt also contains the amino acid tryptophan. This content is useful for helping the body produce the hormones melatonin and serotonin which are useful for maintaining the quality of your sleep. 
  1. Potato 
    Potatoes contain steroidial saponins, which can increase the stability of hormone work and suppress the amount of estrogen in the body. The content can also help expedite the menstrual cycle. 
  1. Vegetables 
    Vegetables, especially from the cruciferous family, such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are useful for balancing hormones and suppressing the growth of estrogen levels in the body.

    Excess levels of estrogen in the body can be a risk of breast cancer. And this condition usually affects adult women who are overweight or obese. 
  1. Celery Seeds 
    The last food that can be useful for balancing hormones is celery seeds. Celery seeds contain butylidene-phthalide, which can help balance hormones, especially in women. In addition, the content in celery seeds can also reduce stress which is the cause of hormones not working properly. 

Broadly speaking, hormones have an important role in the process of growth and development of the body. If the hormone is not working properly, it means there is a problem in our body. 

For this reason, it is important to maintain a healthy diet. You can try to consume the foods above, to maintain hormones in the body. Apart from maintaining your diet,

you can do other activities such as exercise, drink enough water, and others to keep your body's hormones stable. 

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