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Hati-Hati, 8 Makanan Penyebab Jerawat Ini Perlu Dibatasi!

Be Careful, These 8 Acne-Causing Foods Should be Limited!

Acne is a problem that appears on the surface of the skin and can interfere with one's appearance or even reduce one's self-confidence. Especially when it appears in the face area.

The cause of acne is not only caused by hormonal factors, but can also be caused by external factors, such as consuming foods or drinks that have the potential to cause acne.

There are several types of food that are known to increase the oil glands to produce excess oil, so this can trigger acne. Here's a list of foods that can cause acne if you eat too much, let's see the explanation below.

Foods That Cause Acne

Consuming food or drink that can trigger acne actually doesn't mean it's not allowed to consume it at all. However, you just need to limit it so you don't overdo it, so you don't run the risk of developing acne. Below is a list of foods or drinks that can cause acne, so when you consume them you need to limit yourself.

Fast food. Photo by: Oleksandranaumenko

  1. Dairy Products
    One type of food that causes acne is dairy products. Dairy products, such as cheese and ice cream contain high amino acids which encourage the liver to produce insulin-like hormones, namely IGF-1. This hormone is thought to trigger the appearance of acne.
  1. High Sugar Intake
    Eating foods that are high in sugar can trigger the body to produce large amounts of the hormone insulin. Insulin can make androgen hormones in the body more active, thus increasing sebum production in the skin. This is what causes an increase in the appearance of pimples. Among the types of intake that are high in sugar and need to be limited in consumption are candy, packaged drinks, and sweet cakes.
  1. High Carbohydrate Foods
    Similar to consuming a high intake of sugar, consuming foods that contain excessively high carbohydrates also has the potential to cause acne, because this will trigger the body to produce more insulin hormone. Among the types of food that have a high carbohydrate content are such as french fries, potato chips, bread, noodles, and pasta.
  1. Chocolate
    The appearance of pimples on the chin, nose and other parts of the face can be caused by various factors, one of which is excessive consumption of chocolate. A 2013 study showed that consuming chocolate can affect the balance of the body's cytokines, these compounds play a role in increasing inflammation in acne.

    Increased inflammation in acne will be more obvious if there is an infection caused by bacteria that cause acne, such asPropionibacterium acne orStaphylococcus aureus. That way, acne can get worse.
  1. Fast Food
    Besides chocolate, the next type of food that causes acne to watch out for is fast food. In general, eating fast food contains saturated fat and high calories, which can trigger inflammation and acne on the surface of the skin.
  1. Whey (Lactoserum)
    Whey protein is one type of food that is produced from leftover milk when producing cheese. This food contains high protein, so if consumed frequently it can increase muscle mass. However,whey protein consumed in excess turns out to be at risk of triggering acne on the skin.

    Whey protein contains high amounts of amino acids and glutamine, thereby triggering the body to release large amounts of the hormone IGF-1. If the hormone IGF-1 is in the body in large quantities, it will trigger excess sebum production, which can cause acne.
  1. Alcoholic Beverages
    Alcoholic beverages have the risk of causing hormonal imbalances in the body which trigger acne breakouts. Because this can cause the body to experience a lack of minerals, such as zinc, which can relieve inflammation in acne.
  1. Foods Containing Omega-6
    Omega-6 fatty acids are one of the important nutrients that are useful for regulating cholesterol levels and also blood sugar in the body. However, the benefits of omega-6 can be obtained if balanced by consuming omega-3. An imbalance between omega-6 and omega-3 in the body has the risk of causing certain health problems, one of which is acne.

    This is because excess intake of omega-6 triggers inflammation that exacerbates acne. One type of food that contains high omega-6 and is often referred to as a food that causes acne is nuts. Nuts that cause acne and contain omega-6 fatty acids include almonds, pine nuts, and Brazil nuts.

Tips to Prevent Acne

Apart from limiting consumption of foods that cause acne, there are several things you can do to prevent acne. Here are some of them:

  • Taking care of skin hygiene, like doing double cleansing and also exfoliating twice a week
  • Use sunscreen when going out in the sun
  • Drink enough water
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid staying up late
  • Manage stress well
  • Exercise regularly

Those are some foods and drinks that can trigger acne, so it's important to be careful when consuming them. To find out more detailed information about how to prevent acne, you can consult a doctor at the nearest hospital.


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