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Kram/Nyeri Saat Menstruasi dan Cara Mengatasinya

Cramps/Pain During Menstruation and How to Overcome It

Pain/cramps during menstruation is commonly called dysmenorrhea, usually very painful for women. Many of them cannot get out of bed or have difficulty walking, it is not uncommon for them to suffer, so they cannot carry out any activities.

Menstruation consists of three phases: the follicular phase (before the egg is released), the ovulation phase (release of the egg) and the luteal phase (after the egg is released). In the process of shedding the endometrial wall accompanied by blood, this is a phase that is often felt by pain/cramps.

Here are some factors that cause pain/cramps during menstruation.

Factors That Cause Cramps During Menstruation

During a menstrual period, the uterus contracts to help release the lining of the uterine wall (endometrium), which causes uterine muscle spasms or cramps. In addition, cramps during menstruation are also caused by certain diseases, such as: endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and cervical stenosis. 

Please consult a doctor if you feel cramps or abnormal pain during menstruation.

Here's an Easy Way to Overcome Pain During Menstruation

Pain during menstruation can indeed make you uncomfortable when going through your daily routine. The good news is, you can do the following to deal with menstrual pain:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Consume healthy and nutritious foods
  • Compress warm water on the affected part
  • Do regular exercise

Pain or cramping during menstruation is a common thing to happen. However, if menstrual cramps are very chronic, this could be due to health problems, such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and uterine fibroids.

Therefore, if the stomach cramps that you feel are very severe, arrive suddenly, are accompanied by fever, there are large blood clots, or vaginal discharge that is thick and smells bad, you should do an examination with a doctor to detect symptoms accurately. 

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