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Kesehatan Mental Mempengaruhi Siklus Menstruasi

Mental Health Affects Menstrual Cycles

When talking about health, it is not only related to the physical. Health that is non-physical or psychological also needs to be considered. At this time, almost everyone focuses on physical health that has an impact on external conditions, such as exercising to get an ideal body, eating healthy food for a diet, and so on. 

Basically, physical and mental health are closely related. So, if you want to have a healthy body, then you also need to take care of your physical and mental health. As the saying goes: "In a healthy body there is a strong soul." 

Women usually often experience stress, where it affects their mental health. There are several things that trigger stress in women, such as weight gain, work problems, romance, and other problems. 

Mental health problems experienced by women will have several impacts on their health. These impacts include skin problems, sleep disturbances, and disrupted menstrual cycles. 

Many of us are not aware that mental health can have an impact on the menstrual cycle. How come? Read below to find out. 

What Is Mental Health? 

According to WHO, mental health is a condition in which a person has the ability to realize the potential he has in coping with pressure and stress in everyday life, working daily, and being able to contribute actively to his environment and community. 

Good mental health has an inner condition that is positive, calm, and serene. So that it can have a positive impact on someone to enjoy everyday life, and be able to appreciate the people around him. 

Maintaining mental health is just as important as maintaining physical health. Because in essence, physical and mental health are mutually sustainable. And in fact, mental health can also affect physical health. For example, when a person is satisfied and happy in life, medically it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

On the other hand, if someone has a mental health disorder, of course it can affect that person's health, especially for women. Women tend to often experience mental disorders or stress. This is because there are many problems in everyday life, such as work, career, romance, and other life problems.

From these mental disorders, it eventually causes several health problems as well, such as dull skin problems, acne, difficulty focusing, insomnia or sleep disturbances, to irregular menstrual cycles. 

Irregular menstrual cycles can disturb some women. That is because they cannot predict when their period will come, and of course it will have an impact on their physical health. 

Then how big is the impact of mental health on the menstrual cycle? 

How Mental Health Affects Menstrual Cycles 

Many women are not aware of the influence of mental health on the menstrual cycle. Quoting from Everyday Health, mental health disorders have a role in suppressing hypothalamus function. The hypothalamus is a gland in the brain that controls the pituitary hormone system. The pituitary gland itself is the main gland of the body, where this gland alternately controls the thyroid, adrenal, and ovary glands. And all of these organs work together to manage hormones, including the hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. 

This process begins when the ovaries cannot work normally, causing problems with estrogen production, ovulation, and other reproductive processes. 

The hormone estrogen has an important function, namely regulating the menstrual cycle, supporting pregnancy, and helping heart health. So, if the ovaries are not functioning properly, then it will automatically have an impact on your menstrual cycle. 

Several studies have also shown that women who have anxiety disorders or substance use disorders usually tend to have shorter menstrual cycles. In addition, irregular menstrual cycles can also be caused by eating disorders and depression. In fact, someone who has bipolar disorder has twice the potential for menstrual cycle disturbances. 

How to Make the Menstrual Cycle Smooth Again 

Menstrual cycles that are not smooth are not permanent. You can do the following things to make it smooth again. Some activities you can do to make the menstrual cycle smooth, as follows: 

  • Get enough sleep
  • Maintain a healthy diet 
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Manage stress well 
  • Manage body weight 

Maintaining mental health is something that you must take care of. Experiencing mental health problems, such as stress, is something that naturally happens to everyone. However, don't let stress last too long, because it will have a bad impact on your health. 

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