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Kesalahan Umum yang Sering Dilakukan Ketika Membersihkan Vagina

Common Mistakes Often Made When Cleaning the Vagina

Maintaining vaginal hygiene is something you really need to pay attention to. The reason is, there are still many women who do not pay serious attention to vaginal hygiene. And most of them feel regret after experiencing infections or other health problems. Therefore, to avoid regrets in the future, it is important to understand some common mistakes that often occur when carrying out hygiene care in this area. Come on, find out more in the article below.

Mistakes When Cleaning the Vagina

Every woman certainly wants intimate organs that are healthy and maintained. Maintaining vaginal cleanliness is the main key to achieving this, but unfortunately, many women still make mistakes that can increase the risk of health problems to this organ.

Here are some common mistakes in caring for your vagina that you should avoid:

1. Shaving Pubic Hair Completely

It is best not to remove pubic hair in the vaginal area completely. Pubic hair functions as the last layer of defense to protect intimate organs from the risk of infection.

2. Vagina is not Dried Completely

After cleaning the vagina with water after urinating, it is important to dry it carefully using a clean tissue or towel. Do it gently and carefully. Make sure the vagina is completely dry and not damp to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungus.

3. Washing the Vagina with Bath Soap

From a medical point of view, washing the vagina with bath soap is not recommended. Bath soap can change the natural pH of the vagina and disrupt the normal flora in the area. Changes in pH and abnormal flora can increase the risk of infection, which can cause vaginal discharge that smells foul and has a cheese-like texture. If you want, you can use an intimate wash/soap that has been made specifically to wash your highly sensitive intimate area. Nona Woman’s organic intimate wash has been formulated with natural ingredients that will not disrupt your vagina’s pH levels.

4. Lazy to Clean the Vaginal Area

It is important to regularly keep the vaginal area clean, at least once a day. If you don't pay attention to cleanliness, there can be a buildup of potentially dangerous oil, sweat and bacteria in the area. This may increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the vagina with warm water, once or twice a day. During the menstrual period, it is recommended to increase the frequency of cleansing to twice a day.

5. Cleaning the Vagina from the Back

Avoid drying the vagina by rubbing tissue from the back (anus) to the front (vagina) after urinating or showering. The correct way is the opposite, namely from front to back. Drying or cleaning the vagina from behind can divert germs and bacteria from the anal area and urinary tract to the vaginal area, increasing the risk of urinary tract infections.

6.  Vaginal Exfoliation

It's best if you don't! There is no need to exfoliate the vagina because this organ has a natural mechanism to maintain its cleanliness. If the vaginal skin looks dry, it is recommended to clean it gently using a damp cloth. Wipe gently and dry by patting with a clean towel.

7. Rubbing the Vaginal Area Too Vigorously

Pay attention not to rub the vagina too hard when cleaning it. This action can cause irritation or injury to intimate organs. Also avoid using vaginal scrubs which can increase the risk of irritation. 

Make sure to avoid these mistakes so that vaginal care remains optimal and supports the health of your intimate organs. 


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